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6 Tips for Holiday Entertaining in an Apartment

The holidays are usually time for friends, family, and gatherings. The challenge comes when you want to host a party, but are concerned about your apartment space. If you’re contemplating hosting a holiday party, but are uncertain about the logistics, there’s a way to go about it.

Regardless of your apartment size, you can entertain friends and family this upcoming holiday season with these tips.

1. Plan Beforehand

The key to a successful holiday event lies in the preparation. You’ll need to send some invites to get an idea of the attendees beforehand. Once you have a figure to work with, it’s easier to establish the supplies you require.

Furthermore, it helps you establish the amount of time you’ll need to prepare to prevent you from waiting until the last minute. During preparation, you might want to find out whether your guests have dietary restrictions to ensure you accommodate everyone.

2. Provide Containers for Take Home Food

Guests appreciate it when they leave with a container comprising leftover food. As the host, you’ll find it easier to over-prepare food and if guests come with homemade dishes, there’s a high chance you’ll have leftovers. Whether you favor recycled paper or reusable plastic, there’s a range of options from which to choose.

3. Create Ambiance

Most often, a party’s success hinges on the mood. Consider a lighting strategy that will make your apartment conducive for a party. Just make sure you avoid bright overhead lights and use a combination of lamps and candles instead to produce soft light pools throughout the space.

You might want each zone to have its lighting theme. You could even switch out the bright ones for those with lower wattage.

4. Menu

There’s no restriction to the foods you choose when hosting a sit-down dinner, however; a more casual event entails some strategic planning.  For instance, it can be somewhat challenging trying to cut a steak or manage a plate of spaghetti while sited on a floor pillow.

For less formal gatherings, finger foods are ideal. Depending on the guests’ preferences, you might provide peeled shrimp or skewered meatballs. That is, include foods that guests can eat in one or two bites and don’t need a knife or fork.

You can encourage mingling by having numerous food stations, each comprising various options. You’ll discover that the coffee table and kitchen counter aren’t the only places to set up drink and food stations. You can take advantage of a foyer or hallway by positioning a small table for picky foods.

5. Clean Up

It’s easy to make sure you have everything set up for your holiday party and forget to clean up the apartment. Although you could easily lose track of time while preparing for guests, make sure you give yourself sufficient time to de-clutter and sweep the apartment.

You’ll need to vacuum carpeted areas, wipe coffee tables and high-traffic surfaces. You might even need to store huge or bulky items in a designated spot.

6. Add Seating

If you lack sufficient chairs, renting is a good option. You might want to consider the following:

  • Floor pillows

Huge floor pillows offer comfortable seating for guests who can sit on the floor. Just ensure you position the pillows away from traffic to avoid spilled drinks.

  • Director’s Chairs

These fold for easy storage and can offer balcony seating when you want to enjoy the outdoors.

Although it might prove challenging to host a party or entertain guests during the holidays in an apartment, it’s possible with these tips.

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