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Now Is A Good Time To Find A Job In Dallas

Boasting renowned sports teams, a booming employment market, and great barbecue, Dallas-Fort Worth is exhibiting explosive growth with no indication of slowing down.

Reports indicate that top-performing cities such as Dallas have growing trade, manufacturing, business, and transportation sectors. If you’ve just moved to this city and are jobless, this is a good time to find a job. Here’s why.

Employment Growth Rate in Dallas

In the Dallas metro region, the employment rate grew 4.2% last year, paced by an 18% growth in professional business services.

According to statistics, business and professional services registered the biggest annual gain among the Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth supersectors, adding 33,000 employment opportunities. The figure indicates a 6.4 % increase since January last year.

Nationally, employment increased 3.7% in the supersector. Local growth in the industry was especially strong in the employment services sector, which added 11, 900 job opportunities over the year-an 11.2% rise.

Since 2009, overall employment has also increased by 15.7%.  Reports further reveal that Dallas-Fort Worth area ranks 3rd in adding the most jobs in the metropolitan area for the past 12 months through May.

According to data by Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers in North Texas added 110,500 employment opportunities during this period. On a similar note, the health and education services sector in the Dallas area added 19,200 opportunities-a 4.9% rise over the year.

Meanwhile, total nonfarm employment in the Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth Metropolitan Statistical was 3, 370, 500 as of April this year. From April last year to April this year, local nonfarm employment increased 3.9%, surpassing the national increase of 2.2%.

Top in-demand Jobs in Dallas

In spite of the slower Texas employment growth this year, numerous employers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are hiring. The top jobs in demand are diverse and range from retail and finance to technology and education.

While Texas lost 25,400 seasonally adjusted job opportunities, the unemployment rate in Dallas-Fort Worth Area is extremely low-4% in March. This figure was below the state’s rate of 4.2% and the nation rate of 5.5% in March.

Data reveals that retail jobs are on high demand in the Dallas area. However, retail is typically lower paying, particularly at the lower levels. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, a cashier earns a median income of $17,000 annually while, a retail sales executive earns $20,000 according to data by Glassdoor.

According to career analysts, the entry point in retail isn’t as high-level as other jobs. Analysts assert that a college degree is unnecessary and you could earn higher wages if you work your way to management.

According to data by the online employment site, the highest-paying in-demand job is for a systems engineer with earnings of $90,000 annually.

Other in-demand occupations in Dallas include pharmacy technician and teacher. These occupations have earnings of $30,000 and $47,900 respectively.

Top Companies to Work for in the DFW Area

If you’re wondering which companies rank highly in terms of employment conditions in this area, here are a few to consider during your search.

Intuit, Inc

Intuit ranks highly owing to the company’s work/life balance and culture. In addition to fair compensation, the company offers various progressive benefits including adoption assistance and workout facilities onsite.


Transwestern is a midsized real estate, development, and investment company that prides itself on teamwork, customer service, and dedication to sustainability.

If you’re currently unemployed in Dallas, don’t fret, this is the best time to find a job in the booming city.

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