4 Dallas Venues to Watch Your Favorite Sports

Dallasites aren’t merely passionate about their sports teams; they’re generally passionate about sports. Besides watching the live action in person, there’s something thrilling about watching a sports event with fellow fans, particularly when it involves great food and high-definition TVs. If you’re a sports enthusiast, you might want to check out these Dallas venues.

1. American Airlines Center

This venue is the premier entertainment and sports arena in Dallas besides being home to the Dallas Mavericks and Stars. American Airlines Center comprises a collection of premium restaurants meant to suit each event’s spirit and mood.

Situated on 12 acres, the sports arena is the most technologically advanced in Dallas.You can watch your favorite hockey or basketball team. The globally renowned and impressive arena is in the center of downtown Dallas and it’s worth noting that the multipurpose arena can transform itself to host various events.

Some of the events that take place at the venue include football, bull riding, figure skating, and major concerts.  The arena’s distinct design and superior technology enable fast surface changes. For instance, transforming the basketball floor into an ice rink can take less than two hours without compromising quality.

The venue can accommodate seating capacities of 20,000 for concerts; 18,000 for hockey, 19, 200 for basketball, implying it can host virtually any event.

2. Cotton Bowl Stadium

The stadium has been an iconic component of Dallas since its opening in the 1930s. The venue is best known for football and has been home to the likes of the SMU Mustangs and the Dallas Cowboys.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t focus solely on football. The stadium has also hosted the Gold Cup Games, FIFA World Cup games (1994), and various concerts.

The legendary facility demonstrated its dedication to maintaining a world-class facility by undergoing various renovations that saw the replacement of all seating and the inclusion of a video board.

3. Reverchon Park

Situated in the center of Uptown, the facility is ideal for fitness enthusiasts and family get-togethers. You can catch a baseball game at the facility, which features a baseball field, gymnasium, tennis court, and an outdoor basketball court.

The stunning and spacious park comprises scenic trails with a lot of playground equipment for kids. The 46-acre facility further features bike and hike trails along Turtle Creek where you can enjoy the outdoors with your family.

4. The Star Center

Located in the Farmers Branch, the Star Center is a skating facility and home to the Texas History Hockey Center. The recently renovated facility features a conference center and more than 95,000 sq. ft. of space for meetings, family entertainment, and special events.

The venue isn’t merely for hockey leagues. It provides a range of recreational classes including broomball and ice skating lessons.

You’ll find it conveniently situated within steps of the DART rail, making it an excellent place to check out during weekends, begin ice skating lessons, or plan a special event. The venue hosts year-round hockey leagues, competitive figure skating, and college hockey games.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to enjoy sports, Dallas has a range of venues from which to catch your favorite game. You just need to know where to go. This list offers a great place to start.

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