5 Co-Working Offices In Dallas

Common Desk Co-Working Space

Get a dedicated desk at Common Desk. (Image: Common Desk Facebook)

It seems like more people than ever before are doing freelance work. One study alone found that one third of people will be freelance workers by 2020.

Many people still work for a single employer, of course. It’s been that way for years, but there has been a shift in the way people work.

Today, more people are able to work from anywhere as long as they have a computer or similar device along with a connection to the web. 

Many people are also working side jobs as freelancers to make extra money or to build a business of their own on the side until they’re able to dive in full-time.

You can work from home while doing this, but that can drive many people stir crazy. Apartment living is great, but if you’re in the apartment all the time it can become a challenge.

That’s why a new trend called “co-worker” is popping up throughout the world and in Dallas.

Co-working refers to spaces where people can rent a space of their own. You might get a single desk in a large space along with other people just like you. Many allow you to rent long-term while also having the option of renting by the day or by the month.

You can work from your own desk and keep your computer and supplies there if you want, but you also often have access to meeting areas.

The settings also allow you to network with other professionals, both young and old. You can make the connections necessary for growing a business or for finding a new job.

Here are locations in Dallas where you can co-work.

1. Common Desk

You can rent space for $40/hour // $25/day // $75/week. You can also work at The Common Desk for $100 (plus $50 signup fee) to work anytime you want from 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM. This might be perfect if you have a regular job, but need a place to get other work done (grow that big business!) in the evening.

$400/mo will get you your own desk for the entire month (plus $100 signup fee).

As you’ll find with many spaces, you have access to exercise equipment, free parking and an incredible community of professionals.

Visit: The Common Desk

2. The Grove

Part-time access costs $75 and full membership with your own desk costs $375/mo. There are other options for those that work at night and on weekends and only and those that work regular office hours during the week.

It’s great if you’re a freelancer and it’s even good if you have a services business. Attorneys and accountants find co-working spaces to be perfect.

Visit: The Grove


You can work each day for $20 or you can apply for full membership for $400/mo. That gets you access to everything you’ll need to run your freelance business or even your full business.

You’ll find driven creatives and a community that will push and challenge you to succeed.

Visit: WELD

4. Fort Work

You’ll find all types of workers in Fort Work. There are designers and developers. There are writers and illustrators. It’s great for finding collaborators for your various freelance projects. Nobody can do it all on their own so it’s good to have people you can trust when working on projects. And if you make connections you could find new opportunities.

You can start for as little as $11/day or $121/mo.

Visit: Fort Work

5. Dallas Makerspace

Dallas Makerspace is a little different, but very cool. It’s a non-profit organization with all kinds of workers including engineers, creatives and more.

As a member, you get access to the on-site tools and you get to work with other members on a variety of projects in the community.

Visit: Dallas Makerspace

Final Thoughts

Co-working is a great opportunity for professionals. It’s an inexpensive way to work on your own without needing a full office with a long-term lease. You can build you way to that point by only paying for what you need with a co-worker space.

And with more companies hiring freelancers and allowing people to telecommute, co-working will only become more popular.

Have you tried a co-working space before?

Do you have a favorite spot to work in Dallas?

We want to hear your thoughts in the comments!