Why Using An Agent To Find Your Apartment Can Save You Time And Money

Consumers typically turn to agents to help them locate property to purchase. However, agents can also help you find rentals in competitive markets such as New York.

You’ll discover that they can be excellent resources because they can access rental listings in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database and unlisted units emerging on the market. If you’re wondering how an agent can save you money and time, here’s how.

Better Access

An agent acts as a liaison, so he or she will have access to other listed properties. Therefore, if you’re looking to find a rental, an agent will track down properties that meet your criteria and schedule appointments for viewing the properties.

Agents will also give you advice based on their market knowledge. Consequently, this will save you the time you could have used in conducting research. Besides relieving you from considerable legwork, agents offer other benefits.

For instance, a trusted agent typically develops a personal relation with a landlord. As a result, he or she may know of upcoming availabilities before they’re listed officially.


Numerous people dislike the idea of conducting a deal through an agent and believe that direct negotiation is more transparent and enables the parties to look after their own interests.

This is perhaps true assuming that both parties are reasonable and get along. Unfortunately, this relationship isn’t always easy.

Agents can be a great asset when negotiating terms with prospective landlords. Agents can collaborate with you to make sure you obtain the best rental terms including decreased security deposits or credits for work that may require completion before you move in.

You’ll also find that some proprietors would rather deal with agents. This way, the property owner doesn’t have to do much screening or paperwork.

Numerous times, agents can also help renters get creative with their offers so they end up with a suitable deal. Your agent can also convey your concerns to the proprietor and secure a discount.

Find Deals

The best deals typically change on a daily basis and market trends can be localized to particular neighborhoods or streets in the same city. Furthermore, good deals are difficult to find for persons who spend a few weekends hunting for an apartment.

However, agents do this throughout the year, so they know who is eager to negotiate and not just when it comes to rent but on other terms, for instance the security deposit.

Contacting Apartments

Most people don’t have the time to call every apartment only to be put on hold before they can get assistance. With an agent, you simply need to send back the list of properties you find appealing after obtaining your customized list.

The agent will then call your preferred properties to check availability, square footage, pricing, and any move-in specials.

Final Thoughts

Agents can be excellent assets for renters. However, it’s important you discuss the fees upfront. In some cases, you’ll be responsible for covering the fees while in others, the entity that’s listed the property will cover the fees, so be informed.

For more information on how an agent can save you time and money during your apartment search, contact us at Apartment Agents or leave suggestions.