New Trends In Apartment Decorating For Summer 2015

Reclaimed wood

Incorporate reclaimed wood this summer

From getting a summer makeover to following the most recent wardrobe trends, you may be prepared to beat the scorching heat. However, have you thought about your apartment?

While you’re still enjoying the sounds and sights of spring, this is also the time to think about prepping your home for the coming hotter months. If you haven’t refurbished your interiors since the holiday season, your living space is perhaps still stuck in the winter mode and requires an urgent makeover.

It’s imperative your dwelling spells comfort. To help you achieve a cozy residence, incorporate the new décor trends that will characterize the world of interior design in the next coming months.

 Interior Water Features

Previously, waterfalls, fountains, and ponds were limited to the lovely garden and backyard. These days, contemporary designers are doing whatever it takes to include soothing and stunning water features to chic interiors.

A water feature is more than a mere aesthetic addition. It produces immense tranquility while introducing balance to an interior dominated by metal, glass, stone, and other elements.

Water features instantly become a focal point and help decrease on artificial cooling needs given proper use.

Green Interiors

The notion of green house development across the globe has been a widespread concern because of rampant urbanization. While outdoor lawns and gardens add luxury to apartments, you should consider growing indoor plants in glass containers.

While they produce an incredible visual effect, increasing drama to interiors, they also balance out the level of carbon dioxide indoors by enhancing the oxygen level, making your living space cool and clean for breathing.

Bedroom Accessories

Besides the living areas, the bedroom also functions as the space where you spend time. While a good number of people maintain privacy by installing tinted windows, you can ensure coolness through fixes using bedroom accessories. You could experiment with the color palette or patterns.

Reclaimed Wood

Recycling can go beyond sorting your plastic or newspapers. Homeowners and designers are increasingly introducing previously used materials into homes, giving them a new look.

The trend ties in with the existing move towards sustainable living, and an aesthetic that’s more about provenance than perfection. Abundant and inexpensive, people are increasingly including reclaimed wood  in their interiors.

Besides producing natural texture, it’s a major ingredient of the contemporary look that has gained prominence recently.

While we are used to using reclaimed wood in flooring to enhance character to a living space, you can further use it to transform the feel and look of a room when used to clad cupboard doors and walls.

The element highlights natural materials and a soothing, laid-back backdrop. Besides its eco-friendly nature, décor additions and feature walls in reclaimed wood offer a great cost-cutting option that decreases wastage in costs and material.

Watercolors and Pastels

If you’re an expert in the fashion world, you’re probably familiar with the influence of pastels in the summer/spring 2015 collections.  For this reason, it’s time you included some pastels around your apartment.

If used appropriately, pastels work well even in the most neutral settings. Although pastels are more familiar, watercolors truly encapsulate the allure of summer and spring’s brilliant color.

The watercolor trend is gradually becoming popular across the world, and this is certainly the best time to join the trend before it is too late.

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Image: Reclaimed wood in interiors