New Year Move

New Year, New Move: 5 Tips to Prepare for a Move

If you intend to move in the New Year, the first thing you should do is become informed as possible.

The list of things you must accomplish when moving can be overwhelming, but you can make the process smooth with these tips. With proper preparation and planning, you’ll settle into your new place successfully.

1. Research Movers

If you intend to hire a long distance mover, perform research in advance because they aren’t equal. Different services provide various services and pricing based on their location and product offerings. That’s why you need to research your prospective mover.

You can start by obtaining referrals from friends or research online before narrowing the list down to those that seem suitable to your needs.

You might also consider researching their websites since numerous companies comprise information regarding their services and pricing.

2. Prepare Early

The last thing you want to do is to postpone the packing and decluttering until a couple of days before. This will only make things harder for you. To eradicate moving stress, you might want to prepare in phases. This means you should start the “purging” process 2-4 weeks before packing.

Once you eradicate the items that you aren’t moving to the new house, you can start packing your belongings per room. Just make sure you don’t pack too early, otherwise; you’ll live out of boxes for a considerable period. Based on your home’s size, 5-7 days should be sufficient time to pack once you’re done with the purging phase.

3. Develop a Schedule

Moving is all about time management if you want to enjoy the process. Make sure you create a schedule before you begin the move. For instance, you might develop a schedule for the moving month. On it, you might indicate the days you should begin packing, the days you’ll have to verify with your mover, days to forward your mails, days to buy moving materials, and days to forward your mail.

Remember to include the dates of the move and other important dates such as the kids’ last day at their existing school.

4. Purchase a Binder and Develop a Moving Folder

Consider buying a binder or create a moving file on the computer. This will help you maintain your moving checklist, organize the timeline, and store your moving paperwork. You’ll need a folder for moving contracts, documents, and receipts to track them.

You’ll also need to gather significant personal documents and any financial documents associated with your new home, for instance, the mortgage agreement.

5. Budget

With all the travel and gift-buying expenses incurred throughout the holiday months, it’s tough enough to stick to a budget during this period. The minute you include the moving expenses, you might need to begin seeking ways to tighten the belt this season.

There’s no need to worry, though. If you’re hiring movers, bear in mind that it might be possible to save some money by landing a move mid-week.

Don’t move on a holiday weekend when companies might be short-staffed. You can consider cost-efficient substitutes such as portable moving containers or rental trucks.

You’ll notice these containers are equally convenient for storage if you intend to unpack once the holidays have ended. Other ways of maintaining low costs include scouring grocery stores for boxes instead of paying for them. Also, you can recruit family and friends for a DIY move.

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking of moving during the New Year, you’ll need to prepare sufficiently to avoid last minute glitches. Thankfully, this guide will help you prepare for a move in a stress-free way.

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