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5 Hacks For Throwing An Awesome House Warming Party

Throwing a house warming party isn’t merely about celebrating a milestone as you start your life’s next phase. It’s also the ideal time to forge new friendships and meet your neighbors.

However, it can sometimes be stressful trying to configure all the details involved in planning a party, particularly in a new environment.

A housewarming is also the perfect chance to show off your new place to those you consider most important in your life. If you’re wondering how to throw the perfect party, check out these tips.

1. Tours

Tours of your new place are the major attraction, so ensure your living space is ready for showing. If you’re concerned about being too busy to walk your friends and family around your new place, request a close relative or friend to assist you.

Don’t mind if you haven’t unpacked fully-no one will mind seeing a few boxes lying around. In fact, you could repurpose the boxes and use them as additional side tables for drinks. You can permit guests to offer self-guided tours in which case you might want to give them your home’s floor plan.

Consider labeling every room with its purpose and anything else you consider interesting. For a creative atmosphere, consider pasting some pictures or images on the walls of undecorated rooms. This way, the guests will have a feel for the colors/themes you’ve planned for every room.

During the tour, you can discuss ideas you have in mind or renovation projects that are underway. In the process, you may end up with a great recommendation for a supplier or contractor.

2. Food

Decide early whether you’ll cater the housewarming yourself or avoid the hassle by hiring a company to do the catering. Plan the menu in advance and strategically while ensuring you have the appropriate blend of appetizers and substantial snacks.

Bear in mind that food can be messy, so you must be wise.  When you have a drink in one hand, it’s usually best to serve simple foods that people can hold with the other.

Sandwiches and miniature-sized snacks, finger foods, cookies, sliced fresh fruits are perfect because they keep the furniture and floors free of grimy spills.

If you wish to maintain low costs, don’t throw the party during a major mealtime when guests may be anticipating more. Otherwise, just tell them what you’ll be serving for them to plan accordingly.

3. Invitations

If you have varying kinds of friends and want your guests to mingle casually and meet new people, inform friends to bring a friend. This way, you’ll have the appropriate balance of guests and everyone will be in great company.

Sending invitations 2-3 weeks in advance is ideal for an informal housewarming and if you plan to hold it over a lengthy weekend, consider giving your guests a month’s notice for proper planning.

4. Entertainment

Although background music will help create a great atmosphere and make home tours fun, it’s typically a good idea to offer guests some extra entertainment. Unless you’re planning to have live music, the music will only act as a mood setter. Therefore, consider setting up a board game or play cards at some point.

5. Decorations

Special decorations are unnecessary and the last thing you want is to detract from your home’s new features. Consider something as simple as including a few floral arrangements instead.

Final Thoughts

Moving to a new place is a great reason to invite friends for celebration. Make sure you enjoy yourself and don’t stress yourself over the small things.

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