Houston art

Discover the Artistic Side of Houston

With its booming art scene, Houston ranks among the major destinations for galleries and museums in America. The city’s rich arts scene is thriving while the ever-evolving arts landscape demonstrates a focus on supporting local talent.

Whether you want to explore world-class museums or venture through thought-provoking displays throughout Houston, you’ll discover there’s no scarcity of exhibits that visitors and locals find engaging and captivating. Here’s a list of art attractions you should visit in Houston.

The Museum of Fine Arts

Located in the Museum District, the crown jewel hosts prominent exhibits in Houston annually. The Museum of Fine Arts ranks among the top museums nationwide by encyclopedic collection and size. Furthermore, it’s celebrated for American art, photography, and Latin American art.

Founded in 1900, the cultural institution is the largest in the southwest region and the oldest Texas art museum. The institution also features a lively exhibitions program, curatorial areas, and diverse collections that cover world cultures.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

The must-see landmark is renowned for its remarkable Paleontology halls and ranks among the most visited and significant museums in America that’s committed to natural science. Houston Museum of Natural Science houses Wortham Giant Screen Theatre and more than a dozen exhibit areas that examine science, astronomy, etc.

Furthermore, the museum often presents traveling exhibitions on various topics. Situated on Hermann Park’s northern border, the museum complex comprises a central facility featuring floors of exhibits and natural science halls.

The museum derives its popularity from the huge number of guest or special exhibits. Some of the permanent exhibits you might want to visit include Cockrell Butterfly Center and Farish Hall of Texas Wildlife.

Holocaust Museum Houston

Situated in the Museum District, the museum is the 4th largest and focuses on education. The institution tells the stories of millions of Jews and other victims while honoring the survivors’ legacy. The permanent exhibition comprises photographs, film footage, and artifacts.

Holocaust Museum Houston examines stories of heroism, resistance efforts, and commemorates the hundreds of Jewish communities that were decimated throughout the war. Besides the permanent displays, the museum hosts temporary and traveling exhibitions about the Holocaust.

You’ll also enjoy the numerous educational opportunities the museum offers for educators, students, and workplace professionals.

Asia Society Texas Center

Located in Houston’s Museum District, the Center hosts exhibitions and public programs to enhance knowledge of Asia and generate ideas across various fields including culture and education.

The educational institution embraces diversity and cultural exchange by celebrating Asia’s vibrant diversity while encouraging a better understanding of the world.

Their program spans the fields of business, art, and education with an emphasis on the community’s cultural and educational development. Asia Society Texas Center also engages Houston’s vast diversity through innovative programs in culture and arts.

Their goal is to develop cross-cultural understanding between the West and East through a combination of exhibitions and programs. Their programs cater to various groups, including teens, educator programs, and student programs.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an art enthusiast and are looking to examine Houston’s art attractions, this list is a great place to start.

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