New Restaurants In Dallas For Summer 2015


Enjoy great food at the new Uchi restaurant

Dallas offers limitless restaurant options ranging from stylish, elegant venues that offer a wide range of courses coupled with wines to conventional steakhouses that provide choice meat cuts with tasty sides.

While some restaurants’ décor is trendy and modern, others provide settings that are ideal for a night out. Every year, new restaurants emerge, shaping your culinary landscape radically and introducing new cuisines.

If you’re wondering where to start this summer, check this out.


Recognized for its unique ingredients, artful presentations, and spectacular service, the first venue of Austin’s highly celebrated restaurant opened in Dallas.

At Uchi, the flavors in all courses are intended to build upon the previous one as you work your way through the menu of yakimono, sushi, and makimono rolls, frequently with unexpected textures and tastes.

Ensure you order braised rib with Thai basil terrine and Asian pear. Another must-order includes the creative desserts by chef Andrew Lewis. The establishment also offers the perfect spot for hosting a business dinner or dinner party.  You’ll discover this spot is ideal for whichever occasion.

El Bolero

The team that brought Pakpao welcomes another great restaurant by trying its hand at upscale genuine Mexican fare. You’ll discover they are doing a great job owing to chef Galvan.

El Bolero is a restaurant that draws its inspiration for its menu from the diverse Mexico regions. The restaurant uses fresh premium ingredients to create delicious dishes.

You’ll also find spectacularly plated Mexican dishes alongside cocktails. Stop in early for some Mexican coffee and chilaquiles or order some lobster fajitas or tuna tartare for dinner.

You’ll enjoy abundant fresh seafood ranging from oysters to lobsters. You must try the crab-filled relleno, which features an artful presentation and a balanced combination of squash, shellfish, and cheese.

BBOP Seoul Kitchen

Lower Greenville offers a fast-casual approach to Korean fare. BBOP offers rice bowls, veggies, and meld eggs, which will satisfy your appetite.

BBOP creates conventional Korean food with a contemporary twist. Ensure you try the crafted bowls of rice with savory meats and fresh veggies. Numerous other choices make Korean-inspired flavors available to the masses, for instance kimchi fries.


CiboDivino is dedicated to offering authentic Italian foods, an assorted wine selection, along with specialty meats from various parts of the world. It also offers assorted salads, handmade pastas, entrees, and desserts, which are available for takeaway.

Nevertheless, it is more tempting to remain on-site and picnic on the patio or lawn with a Panini or freshly baked pizza. You must order the beautifully crafted cheese plates and charcuterie.

Le Taco Cantina

Le Taco has occupied the same space that was previously Scotch &Sausage. Here, the neighborhood restaurant uses slow-cooked meats and French cooking methods to produce handheld treats with a blend of Texas, Asian, and Southwestern flavors.

Make sure you order Le Taco Benedict, which is accessible for brunch Sundays and Saturdays.

Gino’s East

Since the opening of the first location in Chicago, Gino’s is the go-to-spot for tourists and locals alike. The first Dallas location is currently open in Arlington and features all the favorite foods that made the place iconic.

There are over two dozen toppings for making your pizza masterpiece. The menu also features salads, nachos, and chicken wings.

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Image: Uchi