Renting In The Bishop Arts District

Bishop Arts District, one of the most distinct Dallas neighborhoods, is home to more than 60 restaurants, independent boutiques, art galleries, and coffee shops. The neighborhood features a small-town feel while offering an eclectic blend of trendy eateries, boutiques, and cafes.

Moreover, there’s a wide range of things to see and do. Along with nightlife and shopping, it plays host to numerous family-friendly events and street fairs. If you’re thinking of renting in the neighborhood, here’s what to expect.


Texas Theatre

The historic theater shows a wide array of hard-to-see films and hosts numerous film festivals. The iconic theatre is known for being where Lee Oswald’s arrest took place following John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Currently, a group of filmmakers operates the venue and attracts crowds by screening indie films and cult classics.

Kessler Theater

The Bishop Arts District isn’t merely a place to eat, shop, and drink. You have an opportunity to enjoy a night without breaking the bank. For a musical venue and performing arts, visit the Kessler Theater. The beautifully restored movie house is a multi-use arts venue that showcases everything from visual arts to various musical groups.

Its intimate setting and excellent acoustics have earned it an exceptional reputation among patrons and musicians. Besides live music, you can enjoy art exhibitions or take classes in dance and music. You’ll discover it’s near eateries, enabling visitors to enjoy gourmet snacks.


The historic district is a great dining destination, featuring chef-driven eateries, casual cafes, and eclectic bistros. The best part is that the lively foodie haven has something for every price point and taste. Some of the best restaurants include:

Dallas Grilled Cheese CO.

The major attraction at Dallas Grilled Cheese CO is grilled cheese sandwiches. They aren’t your normal slices of cheddar on white bread. You’ll find them filled with smoked gouda, caramelized onions, and bacon. The remainder of the menu comprises salads, soups, and appetizers such as pretzel-coated mozzarella bites.


While OddFellows offers great sandwiches and burgers, the items offered for brunch and breakfast are what attract attention. For instance, you can order red velvet pancakes with whipped maple and butter syrup. You can expect busy weekends at the venue but a cup of its premium coffee makes the wait more enjoyable.


Besides being a foodie haven, the neighborhood boasts a great shopping experience. In fact, several of the historic buildings and bungalows that constitute the area feature a great range of galleries, boutiques, and gift emporiums.

Whether you’re seeking consignment finds, indie art, or a unique gift, the neighborhood has a shop to suit your budget and style. Moreover, you’ll have an enjoyable experience, featuring an eclectic blend of galleries, boutiques, and shops along with various eateries and cafes.

The Wild Detectives

The Wild Detectives is a gathering spot for the community and books. It’s housed in a charming bungalow where the shop operates as a coffee shop and bookstore. You’ll access vinyl records showcased on columns in the center and walls lined with a greatly curated title selection by international and local writers.

Keep in mind that the venue has an inviting atmosphere. Therefore, you’ll pop in for a fast browse only to end up staying for a considerable period.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to rent in the Bishop Arts District, this guide offers invaluable insight regarding what to expect as a renter.

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