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Looking For A Quaint Neighborhood To Rent In

If you’re seeking a quaint neighborhood to rent in, perhaps you should consider Lazybrook/Timbergrove in Houston. The neighborhood is one of the best places to reside in Texas. Residing in Lazybrook gives residents an urban-suburban feel and most residents are homeowners.

You’ll find numerous parks, coffee shops and restaurants here. The neighborhood’s planned appearance gives it a certain charm. Today, the community mainly comprises ranch-style brick homes where young professionals live. Here’s why the properties in this neighborhood have a high demand.

Suburban Vibe

The residential enclave provides a quiet and family-friendly vibe. You’ll find large trees, older homes, and its central location yield a distinctive charm, balancing the convenience of living in the Inner Loop and old-world ambiance.

Real estate development

Based on real estate and land value appreciation, the neighborhood has been a great investment over the last decade.

Huge Lots

Typically, Timbergrove homes comprise mid-to-large-sized lots, with sizes ranging from 7,000 to over 20,000 sq ft.

Civic Associations

Timbergrove comprises two subdivisions, which feature an active HOA. The Timbergrove Manor Neighborhood Association and Civic Club implement deed restrictions, oversee security and sustain common areas.

Proximity to employment and District Districts

Timbergrove is minutes from major employment centers. Downtown Houston has over 150,000 employees employed by more than 3,500 businesses.

Reasons to rent in Lazybrook

Laidback meals in Houston

This city is one of the most diverse countrywide and this quadrant isn’t different. For an American experience, you’ll want to visit the Hubcap Grill, one of the best joints for burgers in town. You could hang out on the patio while enjoying huge burgers such as the classic Hubcap.

The neighborhood has a variety to suit any palate. You’ll find Tex-Mex and BBQ restaurants along with a wide range of exotic restaurants. When you drive to Ella, you’ll come across fast food joints, which are convenient whenever you’re in a hurry. If you go towards the Heights, you’ll enjoy fine cuisine from some of the best chefs in Houston.

Green Spaces

There’s considerable green space in the region. Walkers, runners, and cyclists can use the West White Oak Bayou Trail, which runs along T.C. Jester. You’ll also find the West 11th Street Park comprises more than 1,800 mature trees, more than 10 bird species, and countless wildlife.

Another spot for relaxation is Jaycee Park, which features a 1/3 mile walking trail, basketball and tennis courts, picnic tables, and a water playground for kids.

Housing Options

There’s a great blend of housing in the neighborhood, with most of the area comprising single-family properties. With the city’s expansion and land scarcity, a huge number of upscale townhomes have started emerging in the area.


A walk around the neighborhood will reveal how important the community is here. You’ll find families venturing out with their children, people walking and running on the trails. There are always considerable activities in the neighborhood and while some of the adjacent areas are less favorable in terms of reputation, this community is safe.


The area offers plenty of running and walking trails, particularly around the bayou. You’ll find some playgrounds as well for spending an afternoon with family, making the area appealing for families. When you venture into the Heights, you’ll find a quaint shopping center with various locally owned and thrift businesses.

Final Thoughts

If you’re seeking a rental in a quaint neighborhood, Lazybrook is the place to be.

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