5 Offbeat Texas Events

Great Texas Balloon Race

Have fun at the Great Texas Balloon Race during summer

Texas is home to numerous annual events and this year is no exception. If you plan to visit Texas, plan around a Texas event and make it unique.

There are a number of fun festivals and activities to consider this summer, so mark your calendar and prepare to have some fun. Whether you are merely seeking an opportunity to relax with your family or engage in a challenging activity, Texas has it all.

Regardless of your time of visit, Texas State features numerous events that will undoubtedly make your trip memorable. Discover events for instance cultural festivals and art fairs in unique venues.

With the numerous events taking place annually, something special is always happening in Texas. If you’re curious about your favorite event, check out these Texas events.

Watermelon Thump

WatermelonThump is an annual Texas event that takes place on the last Thursday-Sunday in June. If you’re young at heart, sign up for the seed spitting competition and prepare to have fun.

This event aims to award the largest watermelon grown in line with the grower’s association guidelines. Bring your family and watch the melons Luling, Texas has to offer.

You’ll also have an opportunity to participate in the eating contest and see how fast you can eat a piece of watermelon.

Free Yoga Day

Have you always wondered what yoga was all about and wanted to try it? In case you’ve always doubted whether yoga is right for you, wonder no more.

Free Day of Yoga is your perfect chance to determine whether it’s for you. You have a whole day to try free yoga.

Mark your calendar on September 1 and prepare to experience a new yoga style. Bring your friends and enjoy the new experience together.

This event has been running since 1999, so don’t miss out. Get your gear ready and experience the numerous yoga benefits.

Great Texas Balloon Race

A premier event, the Great Texas Balloon Race (GTBR) draws the best pilots across the country and world. Scheduled for July 29-August 3 in Longview, Texas, this event will keep you entertained.

Head over to Longview and experience the display of excitement and color. You will also have the rare opportunity to observe the operation and inflation of balloons.

Besides balloon watching, live concerts will ensure you enjoy your time at this event. Remember to bring your kids along so they too can have some fun.

North Texas Fair and Rodeo

Scheduled for August 15-23 in Denton, Texas, the NTFair offers 9 days of shopping, fun, and music. Expect rodeos, livestock shows, and concerts at the exciting event.

If you’ve never seen cowboys in action, here’s your chance. With the numerous activities to look forward to, you cannot afford to miss out.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in the various contests including photography and creative arts.

The best part about this event is that there’s something for everyone including children, so don’t leave them out.

Texas Water Safari

Recognized as the toughest boat race worldwide, Texas Water Safari starts at Spring Lake and extends to the Gulf Coast.

This event is a favorite for kayakers, canoeists, and spectators. Experience San Marcos in an exciting way and prepare for the various upcoming events including a concert series and a Jazz Fest.

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Image: Great Texas Balloon Race