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Moving To Dallas-5 Relocation Tips To Move In Before Christmas

Moving can be nerve-racking regardless of the season you decide to do it in. However, moving throughout the holidays can be especially strenuous even for the most relaxed person. You’ll find there’s a lot to keep track of besides holiday traditions.

While a holiday move can be stressful, at times situations can make it necessary and some favor a holiday move because they can take time off school and work. If you’re planning to move to Dallas before Christmas, consider these tips.

1. Prepare

While this might seem obvious, some might overlook this aspect. It’s important to note that preparation is crucial when it comes to any kind of relocation. Preparing holiday necessities will ultimately make your move easier.

A great way of preparing is to purchase or make your gifts a couple of weeks beforehand. Then ensure you’ve wrapped and labeled everything before placing them in a box. Do this even if it involves packing more boxes. This way, you’ll rest easier with one less thing to fret about.

2. Find Movers

You must locate movers if you’re planning a holiday move. While the season might be slow for movers, remember they have families. Some movers might even charge you more if you move during the holidays because they might be short-staffed. There’s a lot to consider during a holiday move, so you must prepare accordingly.

3. Budget Beforehand

Budgets tend to be tight during the holidays and the cost of a move could add up when you consider the cost of labor, packing materials, and any charges that you might need to cover to move into the new place.

To prevent hitting a roadblock with the budget, begin putting aside money for the move months beforehand. This way, when your move and the holidays arrive, you’ll be in a position to use the funds for fun.

4. Donate

Moving is an excellent time to eliminate things you don’t require and the holidays offer the ideal chance to give those in need. Take this time to go through your items to find those you won’t need in your new place.

If you plan to redecorate, you could donate your kitchen items or some old artwork pieces you won’t use any longer. Have your kids go through their toys and eliminate whatever they haven’t used in a while or those you know will need replacement soon. You’ll save space on the moving truck; you could use the space for something else.

5. Organize the Packing

If you opt for DIY packing, you should begin as early as two weeks before the move date and box up items you aren’t currently using. This will make the chore less nerve-racking and you’ll de-clutter. Naming the room and contents on every box will help organize the packing and make it easier to unpack.

Ensure you pack any gifts carefully and label the boxes clearly, so you can find them fast upon arrival at your new home. If you don’t want to pack yourself, request the moving company to do so. A good company will provide the packing materials and offer different packing options that suit you.

Final Thoughts

Moving throughout the holidays might initially feel overwhelming. You just need to remain organized and start planning beforehand.

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