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Thinking of Moving? Not Without These 7 pieces of Paperwork

The thought of moving can be nerve-wracking since it can be quite involving. For this reason, it demands meticulous attention to ensure a smooth process. Besides the major issues you must tackle when planning the move, for instance, booking reliable movers, you must ensure you have the essential paperwork.

While this task is seemingly simple, you’ll discover it’s time-consuming. Therefore, you might want to prepare the documents beforehand to give you peace of mind. Here’s a look at the paperwork needed before moving.

1. Proof of Address

You’ll require an original document to show proof of your existing residence. It could be a bill from the previous three months, a recent bank statement, or a driving license.

Beware that you’ll need different documents for proof of identity and address. Therefore, if you use your passport for identity proof, you’ll need to use a different valid document to show proof of residence.

2. Moving Documents

Once you sign an agreement with your preferred mover, they must issue various important documents, for instance, an inventory list or binding estimate. You’ll have to consult the documents along with your moving calendar and tailored moving checklist often throughout the process.

As such, you’ll need to secure them in an accessible location until the moving day. When the time comes to leave your previous residence, ensure you secure the moving paperwork with other documents.

3. Car Title

Having your vehicle’s title is crucial when altering the registration from one state to the next. Also, you’ll require the title for transferring ownership in case you decide to put the car up for sale.

This document will also come in handy if you find yourself in a situation where you need to secure an emergency. In this case, you’ll use your car as a payment guarantee to secure a title loan.

4. Medical Records

You might want to pay your doctor a brief visit before moving to acquire the medical documentation you’ll need in your new neighborhood. You’ll need to transfer your prescription medicines and dentist records as well. If you’re a pet owner, ensure you obtain copies of their vet records along with vaccination certificates.

5. Contracts

If you’re selling your home, the sale contract will entail the conditions and you’ll have to sign and return the agreement to the solicitor. A contract exchange will take place between you and the seller after which you’ll have a legal ground to buy the property.

The agreement stage is crucial because it’s your final chance to ensure everything is clear regarding the move and to flag any unclear conditions or information. Just ensure you discuss the contract’s terms in detail before you sign and exchange.

6. Professional Licenses

If you’re in a profession that needs licensure, ensure you pack supporting information, including your licenses or certificates, and any necessary information that will permit you to transfer the right to practice to a different location or renew the existing license.

7. Birth Certificate

Most people don’t recognize the importance of this document until it’s too late. Don’t wait until you find yourself in a position where you need to provide proof of your age and citizenship. It will be easier to obtain this document while in your hometown.

However, the task might prove difficult once you shift from your birthplace, in which case you might need to include notarized documents together with your request to show identity proof.

Final Thoughts

Moving can be complex and involving, making it hard to track everything. This is especially true when it concerns paperwork. Thankfully, this guide offers a list of documents you need if you’re thinking of moving.

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