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The Best Thing About Living Near A Farmers Market

The notion of a farmers market has been in existence for a long time-since food suppliers assembled to retail their products in village squares. The markets have since transformed as consumer and retailer preferences shift.

You’ll find that contemporary grocery stores now endeavor to duplicate the feel of village markets through ambiance and design while maximizing product selection and convenience.

However, much of their goods travel great distances while farmers markets bring fresh local produce straight from the farmer to consumers. Here’s a list of reasons why you should consider living next to a farmers market.

Purchasing Locally

Purchasing from local farmers encourages the support of local agriculture. This implies that the food you’re eating originates from close by and doesn’t require considerable energy to ship.

Buying locally also means you’ll eat food in your environment where nutrients are specific to your region and climate.

On the other hand, vegetables and fruits from the grocery store are frequently days old before they reach the aisle.

Bear in mind that before produce reach supermarket shelves, they’re shipped in refrigerated trucks. ¬†Furthermore, buying locally means environmental support through the reduction of fossil usage.

It Gives a Different Shopping Experience

Shopping at food markets allows you to engage sellers on the food you’re buying. You’ll know the origin of the vegetables and fruits as well as how they’re grown.

These interactions help produce a newfound appreciation for the effort and time it took to prepare and grow the produce on sale.


For the nutrition you obtain from fresh produce compared to what you get from the supermarket, it’s a good value. Grocery stores typically charge a considerable amount for organic vegetables and fruits.

However, at the farmers market, they’re usually not much more costly than traditionally grown produce, and the health benefits are likely to generate savings on healthcare costs over the long-term.

Encourages Healthy Lifestyle

In communities where the closest restaurant is a convenience store or fast food outlet, it’s hard to pay attention to your nutritional requirements and diet.

Residing near a food market where you can access fresh food easily makes it easier to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Furthermore, health experts assert that locally grown vegetables, fruits and eating them soon after harvesting maintain more nutrients compared to those shipped from miles away and sit on supermarket shelves for extended periods.

Support Local Farmers and Small Business Proprietors

Small business proprietors and local farmers require money than huge health food chains. Many times, you’ll find that small businesses and farms are just starting out and lack financial funding.

Therefore, it’s up to you to decide whether you like what they’re selling and offer support to help the business succeed.


The farmer’s market provides a wide range of vegetables and fruits while industrial farms typically grow a few varieties of popular vegetables. On the other hand, small farms favor variety, providing vegetables and fruits you won’t find in your local supermarket.


The farmers market offers a great place for gathering. Therefore, you can meet your community members. Some markets even provide classes and entertainment, making it a great way to spend an afternoon.

Final Thoughts

Farmers markets have emerged everywhere, and numerous people are enjoying the associated benefits. If you’re thinking of living close to one, here are some of the benefits to expect.

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