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What You’ll Find In Houston’s Riveroaks District-Luxury Living

Established in 1920 as a master-planned community, River Oaks features stately homes, high-end boutiques, and fine-dining destinations.

River Oaks provides a lavish, exclusively residential experience next to all the city’s cultural amenities. You’ll find the district appealing because it mirrors Houston’s roots. Like other Houston’s neighborhoods, River Oak’s history is intertwined with the rest of Houston and plays a significant role in how the city has changed over the several decades of its existence.

The district has always been an exclusive community and most frequently related to wealth in Houston. As such, it has maintained its image as a luxurious and expensive neighborhood. If you’re looking to relocate to this district, here’s what you can expect.

Luxury Amenities

Various shopping venues that provide everything from luxury international brands to high-end local shops surround the district. You’ll find the River Oaks Shopping Center a couple of minutes away. The shopping center, which is one of the oldest countrywide, is home to more than 70 stores, including Starbucks and Barnes & Noble.

The River Oak’s Theater is the defining feature and remains the sole historic theater that shows films in the city. You can access numerous parks such as River Oaks Parks, which features a biking and hiking trail, a playground, and tennis courts.

The Country Club is the crown jewel where membership is exclusive. Those with access have a fitness room, pool, and golf course at their disposal. The community has a magical playground with towering oaks.

You’ll equally find a community center, tennis and volleyball courts as well as a jogging trail. Due to the number of gyms, yoga, and pilates studios, this neighborhood is one of the best for fitness lovers.

Luxurious Shopping

In 2015, the district welcomed shoppers from across the globe and has since become one of the top shopping destinations in Houston. You’ll find the walkways lined in lush landscaping, offering visitors the chance to enjoy the outdoors distinctly.

The retailers are a blend of mid and high-level luxury stores, for instance, Tom Ford and Stella McCartney. Shopping is a recurrent pastime and this neighborhood comprises two major centers: Highland Village and River Oaks District.

Both outdoor malls are walkable, comprising a blend of dining and retail establishments. You’ll find River Oaks District is home to renowned brand clothing, beauty stores, and jewelry. On the other hand, Highland Village features more than 50 stores ranging from electronics and clothing to home goods.

Luxury Dining

Over the past years, this district has become one of the top dining neighborhoods. If you reside nearby or just need a great dining spot, consider these eateries.

Backstreet Café

The establishment is intimate, cozy, and always inventive. You’ll find it’s a winner for ambiance and excellent fare. Backstreet offers one of the best freshly prepared vegetables and the popular chicken is always a great option.

Pepper Twins

Pepper Twins serves the finest Chinese fare comprising organic ingredients. Consider taking friends along so you can order an array of reasonably-priced appetizers. Make sure you also try the chicken or steak cube.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to enjoy a luxurious life in Houston, River Oaks District offers precisely what you need.

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