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Houston’s Best Elementary Schools

An elementary school is the major delivery point of primary education in the U.S. for children aged between 4 and 11. The curriculum centers on fundamental socialization skills and academic learning.

When it comes to choosing a neighborhood, people consider numerous factors before buying a home. Besides considering the type of home, people consider the school in which their children will enroll. Here’s a list of some of the best elementary schools in Houston.

Frostwood Elementary School

Frostwood Elementary seeks to develop creative and successful learners by equipping them academically, socially, and morally to meet the 21st-century challenges in a safe learning environment.

Memorial Drive Elementary School

Situated in Houston, the highly-ranked school comprises self-contained classrooms. Some of its facilities include a library and full-size gym. Memorial Drive‘s library encourages students to collaborate and extend their learning.

The institution has a counseling department where counselors collaborate with staff, students, the community, and parents to offer developmental aid to students. They’re committed to fostering a positive school setting and enhancing the students’ academic achievements. The institution supports academic growth and the students are strong academically.

Field Elementary School

Situated on E 17th Street, the institution’s opening took place in 1929.  Field Elementary teaches approximately 500 children and the largely diverse institution provides educational opportunities to talented and gifted children in addition to those with special needs.

Harvard Elementary School

Founded in 1898, Harvard Elementary is the oldest in Houston. Harvard serves students from Pre-K to 5th grade. Situated on Harvard Street, the institution holds yearly fundraising events and offers learning opportunities for the talented and gifted.

Moreover, it has a STEM program for those who are keen on learning more about Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics.

Theodore Roosevelt Elementary

Roosevelt Elementary provides various educational opportunities, including for bilingual students. The diverse school serves more than 720 students and is next to 610 & 45 on Fulton Street.

Ketelsen Elementary

The institution derives its name from James Ketelsen who set out to motivate youth to graduate with a college degree. He went to areas experiencing high dropout rates and subsequently made huge changes. Today, over 600 students attend Ketelsen Elementary school where they rank 87% proficient in Math and 73% in reading.

Barbara Bush Elementary

Since its inception in 1992, Barbara Bush has maintained a history of academic excellence. The neighborhood serves students residing within the geographic area. The institution has a cosmopolitan student body, which represents numerous countries of origin.

Moreover, it offers various programs to meet the population’s unique needs. Kids benefit from an exciting and diversified instructional program while student grouping takes places heterogeneously except for talented and gifted classes at every grade level.

The institution uses teacher specialists in math, reading, and science. In addition to winning numerous awards, the institution offers a thorough and challenging program for all kids.

J.P. Cornelius Elementary School

J.P. Cornelius elementary school comprises a magnet program for young talent in math, science, and technology. The institution has a tailored curriculum, which seeks to meet the distinct needs of its diverse population. Moreover, they offer a range of other interesting learning avenues, for instance, fine arts and dance.

Final Thoughts

Providing the appropriate learning environment and education for your child is significant. If you’re seeking the best elementary school in Houston, this guide will prove invaluable.

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