Best Houston Neighborhoods-Best Bike AND Hiking Trails

Houston is among the most populous cities with the highest parkland acreage. With more than 52, 000 acres of green space, the city has numerous projects aimed at going greener over the last couple of years: including more trails, park maintenance, and encouraging biking.

If you want to explore, a bike is one of the best means of experiencing the city. With the mild temperatures year-round and increased bike trails, visitors and locals are hitting the road in the Bayou City. Here’s a list of the best hiking and biking trails in Houston.

The Heights

Previously, residents flocked this area to escape the huge city. Today, it’s an excellent place for character-filled architecture and restaurants. Begin your excursion in front of Stude Park’s Community Center where you’ll access enough parking as well as a B-station. You’ll find a bike rack situated at 548 19th Street-a great place for locking up your rental while indulging in some retail therapy.

Buffalo Bayou Bike and Hike Trail

A stunning urban oasis situated west of downtown, the trail is approximately 10 miles of cemented pathway. You’ll find it’s the ideal place to begin your ride. You have a chance to enjoy the capricious flora and hilly course. While separate paths exist for pedestrians and bikes, beware that pedestrians somehow take the bike path.

Terry Hershey Trail

Situated along Buffalo Bayou between Highway 6 and the Beltway, the great gateway to Houston nature boasts some of the greatest bike and hike trails. You’ll find the Quail Trail, which stretches from Eldridge Parkway to Wilcrest, is ideal for cyclists and walkers. Bikers, on the other hand, favor the dirt-path through the woods.

Heights Trail

You can use this trail to link to various longer-distance routes. Alternatively, you could enjoy a leisure ride for the city’s epic views. Keep in mind that you’ll probably bump into handfuls of other walkers, cyclists, and runners on the heavily-trafficked and popular path.

Southbelt Trail

The south Houston’s gem features shady parks and coastal birds along the way. The trail is ideal for families with kids, dog walkers, or anybody engaging in long-slow distance training. You can begin at Dixie Farm Road Park, where there are bathrooms, walkers’ path, and exercise equipment.

Hermann Trail

The park’s two-mile Exercise Trail will lead you past the Museum of Natural Science, Houston Zoo, and Miller Outdoor Theater under the shade of stunning, moss-adorned oaks. If you desire more distance, you could use Main Street to run the neighboring three-mile loop at Rice University. If you favor dream homes, you’ll discover it’s one of Houston’s most magical trails.

TC Jester Park

TC Jester Park is an excellent launching point for runners along White Oak Bayou. The facility features a dog park, baseball fields, and a Frisbee golf course. Numerous locals use the park’s granite trail, which is a mile long.

Brays Bayou Trail

In Houston, this is the longest of the greenways; it’s almost 35 miles, making it ideal for cyclists and long-distance runners. You’ll find there’s a lot to see along the trail. If you take the east, you’ll pass Gragg Park and The Orange Show.

Final Thoughts

Houston offers numerous bike and hike trails for those who enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re a local or visitor, there’s a lot to keep you busy in this city. If you’re looking for the best hiking and bike trails, this list is a great start.

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