what makes a houston apartment a first great place

Why A Houston Apartment Makes A First Great Place

Houston has constantly been a classic destination for numerous non-Americans and Americans globally. With its flourishing cultural scene, high employment rates, and record-breaking real estate market, Bayou City is a financial powerhouse. If you’re thinking of renting an apartment in Houston, this list of reasons will convince you.

Cultural Experience

If you’re a newcomer, renting allows you to know the city and experience the culture before plunging into homeownership in a new community. This is particularly true for those who relocate to Houston and desire to obtain a feel for the city.

Legendary Food Scene

Houston has some of the best food in the world. The ethnic diversity is a major reason why the food is diverse and delightful. You can enjoy culinary delights from various backgrounds and the proximity to the Mexico Gulf implies that you can enjoy fresh seafood selections. Houstonians can eat in a different restaurant each night without running out of choices.

Gainful Employment

If you’ve just moved to Houston and are seeking employment or contemplating a change of jobs, the city offers great employment opportunities. This reason is what attracts many to the city, which has the oil and gas industry, manufacturing and aerospace industries as well as healthcare industries. Whether you’re in the business or engineering field, there’s a chance to grow professionally in this city.


The living cost in this city is more affordable than in several other huge cities countrywide. You find that most 1-2 bedroom apartments cost $1,490 or less monthly. Such rates are much affordable than what you’ll find in other locations and many rentals include utilities.

It might surprise you to discover that electricity costs are cheaper in Texas than in other states partially because it generates its electricity and doesn’t need to buy it out-of-state and incur high purchase costs.

Green City

With more than 50,000 acres of parks, Houston is one of the greenest cities. The city has been constructing new parks, refurbishing old parks, and trying to enhance the access residents have to wildlife conservation spots and nature trails. The city’s biggest park is George Bush Park, which is on the western segment of the city.

Entertainment Options

Life in this city is a distinct blend of a more contemporary lifestyle and Texas traditions. What makes Bayou city an ideal place is the range of activities and entertainment options offered in the state. If you’re a renter, consider any of these options in your free time.

Museum District

While a car is necessary for most things in the city, a vehicle isn’t necessary when exploring the Museum District. Museum enthusiasts can easily walk to various segments and visit up to 19 museums.

The Galleria

The mall welcomes more than 30 million visitors annually. With more than 400 restaurants and stores, there’s a lot to keep you busy, including an ice skating rink.

Theater District

This segment of downtown has witnessed considerable revitalization over the past decade, offering numerous residents access to great shows in the venues situated here.

Underground Tunnel

The city lacks a huge scale subway network, however; it’s home to the most extensive group of pedestrian tunnels worldwide.

Final Thoughts

It’s not difficult to see why this state appeals to many. With the thriving employment market, low living cost, sunny weather among other great aspects, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t rent a Houston apartment.

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