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First Time Renter-What Questions Will I Be Asked?

Every landlord has a set of questions to ask any potential renter who wants to view their property. This is a step of a successful screening process. These questions must be similar for every renter to prevent discrimination.

Experienced landlords know that bad renters could cause worse problems. All the issues a landlord faces with his or her renters can undergo elimination through a good screening procedure. If you’re looking to rent property, here’s a list of questions you can expect.

What is Your Reason for Moving?

Initially, it might seem as though it’s not the landlord’s concern. However, your response will determine whether the landlord should be wary of any red flags. You can expect this question because the landlord wants to know whether you’re moving due to an eviction or bad relations with your previous landlord.

Landlords are wary of renters who complain about their existing living situation because bad renters frequently take their issues with them. You want to give a legitimate reason for moving such as requiring a bigger place for your family or change of employment.

When would you like to move in?

This question establishes whether you and the landlord would be the appropriate fit. Perhaps the landlord has a vacancy that needs immediate filling but you can’t shift for another month. You might also be seeking a place to move into immediately.

This is one of the first questions you can expect because the landlord determines the unit won’t work out because of the timeline, the landlord will save himself the hassle of taking you through the rest of the screening procedure.

Are you a Pet Owner?

The preliminary question helps pre-qualify you before you undergo formal screening. If you’re a pet owner and the landlord doesn’t permit pets in his complex, both of you will have saved effort and time. In the event that the property owner permits pets but has limitations on the size and number of pets, you’ll know beforehand of any deposits or fees you might need when you move in.

Are you prepared to undergo a credit and background check?

If you’re unwilling to undergo a background or credit check, this will eliminate you from the pool of prospective renters. You must be willing to sign a form, allowing the landlord to run the checks.

If you don’t consent, it means you’re hiding something or know that your credit is poor. Your credit report will reveal whether you have credit problems and whether they’re recent or in the past.

Can I Obtain References from Your employer and Previous Landlords

Unless you’re moving out of your parent’s home for the first time, prospective landlords expect potential renters to provide references. If the landlord discovers that you have issues with your present landlord or you’re in the process of an eviction, you’ll face disqualification. The prospective landlord will ask your previous landlord whether you made timely rent payments, respected the property and the neighbors.

Have you ever breached a rental contract?

In some instances, renters move as a result of breaching their rental contract and ending the lease early. This might be understandable in some instances, such as unruly neighbors or new construction. However, if you can’t provide a valid reason, the prospective landlord will view this as a red flag.

Final Thoughts

A competent screening process is vital to locating a good renter. Therefore, if you’re looking to rent for the first time, this list offers the questions you can expect during your apartment hunting.

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