The Best Way To Find A Houston Apartment For Rent

Houston is undeniably large, with over 6 million in the metro area. As such, looking for a rental apartment can be daunting for those relocating there. Even if you’re a resident looking to change your place of living, being familiar with the area doesn’t necessarily make the apartment hunting process easier.

The city has established a great reputation over time. In particular, it’s popular among millennials for various reasons, including low crime and unemployment rates. If you’re looking to find a Houston rental, consider these tips.

Apartment Agents

Apartment Agents is a reliable apartment locator that helps users to find their ideal rental. You simply need to contact the site and state your preferences, budget and any unique circumstance you might have.

In turn, they’ll search the market for the best rates, examine availability for your intended move date, and obtain the total costs. Their goal is helping you obtain the best pricing and identify what you should anticipate before you visit.


You shouldn’t underestimate Craigslist’s power. Originally, the platform serviced the San Francisco Bay Area. However, it’s currently international and the housing section remains free for users to respond to and post listings.

You’ll find numerous subsections, including vacation rentals, commercial storage, and real estate for sale. You’ll need to examine the various categories, including rooms/shared; temporary/sublets; and shared/rooms.

Once you do so, you can narrow your search with various tools. From fundamental parameters such as bedrooms, price, and bathrooms to niche prerequisites such as wheelchair access, you can locate the ideal rental. You’ll find the tool is not only convenient but also free.

Apartment Finder

The platform is over 30 years since its inception and has since won several industry awards. Since Apartment Finder focuses on renting apartments, it comprises tools to help in your search. For instance, you can explore with a 360-degree camera and you can access floor plans, virtual walk-through, and detailed information.

The drawback is that you won’t find rentals from people simply looking to rent out properties. Keep in mind that it costs to advertise on the site, meaning it’s full of huge apartment complexes. However, if it’s what you seek and you require the additional security and advantages of a managed property, this is what you need.


Initially, Zillow would primarily approximate your home’s value. Today, the free resource is useful for apartment hunters. You’ll find it has the tools to narrow your search and offers advice on house hunting and renting.

Moreover, it offers significant information, including school ratings. Keep in mind that it costs to list a rental on this site.


If you want a tool that merges great functionality and offers a range of smaller rentals, consider Hotpads. It comprises listings for major American cities and offers excellent criteria that help users attain a list of great matches.

You’ll find neighborhood information and features such as the “walk score” together with listings that reveal the rentals that are attracting the most attention.

Other Tips to Find a Rental

Consider Your Lifestyle

Houston is a vast area, so you should start by narrowing your search by thinking about your habits and lifestyle. Actually, there are almost 600 square miles to choose the ideal residential area. For instance, you’ll want to consider areas with a great school district if you have a family.

This factor will help you locate the best place based on your family needs and lifestyle. However, if you’re single, you’ll be interested in dining and shopping options.

Shop Around

If you can spare the time and know the area you wish to live in, consider shopping around for the perfect rental. Take your time to find the rental that suits your budget and needs.

Final Thoughts

It can be challenging trying to locate an apartment in Houston especially if you’re new. Nevertheless, various tools exist to help your hunting process easier. If you don’t know where to start, consider this guide.

For more information on how to find a Houston apartment for rent, contact us at Apartment Agents or leave a message.