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How To Enjoy All The Great Outdoor Parks In Houston

Houston ranks among the top cities in acreage of parkland, surpassing the likes of Phoenix and San Diego. Houston has 49,643 acres of park space with 22 acres per 1,000 residents.

You’ll also discover the outdoor city offers various places to experience nature and explore outdoors. If you’re wondering how to enjoy the outdoor parks, here’s how.

Hermann Park

Besides its central location, Hermann Park boasts various attractions, including an outdoor theater, an 18-hole golf course, and a Japanese garden. You can enjoy a picnic, rent peddle boats, ride the miniature train, or simply stroll and enjoy the scenery.

Since the mid-1990s, planning efforts have transformed the park into one of Houston’s crown jewels, making it a prime destination for 6 million visitors yearly.

You’ll also find a huge amphitheater for live performances and various play areas for children. The park is also home to the Houston Zoo-a popular attraction featuring over 4,500 exotic animals from all over the globe.

Memorial Park

Whether you enjoy recreation or the outdoors, you can access Memorial Park annually. The facility is a magical blend of nature, amenities, and recreation. The thirty miles of hiking trails offer a break from urban life while sports enthusiasts frequent the place to enjoy softball.

You can also enjoy a picnic or other activities. Visitors will find picnic tables throughout the park and along the picnic loop. Bear in mind that you can reserve picnic areas for private events or personal use for a fee.

You’ll receive a permit, which grants you exclusive use of the space for a specified time frame. Given its numerous playing fields, it’s easy to see why the facility is constantly busy. Nevertheless, its huge size prevents it from feeling crowded.

Discovery Green

Opened in 2008, the 12-acre park offers a range of activities regardless of the season. From film screenings to yoga classes and art exhibits, there’s something for everyone. You’ll also find two restaurants while there, each with a distinct dining atmosphere and menu.

Nestled between the George Brown Convention Center and numerous shops and hotels, the facility is an easy walk for anybody downtown.

The facility hosts over 300 planned events annually, including concerts, an ice rink, and festivals. For this reason, you’ll find tourists and locals flocking Discovery Green year-round.

Buffalo Bayou Park

The 124-acre greenway provides stunning views of the city skyline. Within the park, you’ll find paved trails that welcome bikers and runners as well as a golf course and children’s playground.

You’ll discover ┬áthat Buffalo Bayou offers beautiful scenery, artwork, and play areas. Additionally, the park has gathering places where you can enjoy outdoor activities as well as live performances.

Tranquility Park

The creation of Tranquility Park occurred in commemoration of the first moon landing. The facility derives its name from the Sea of Tranquility.

You’ll discover the park reflects aspects of the landing mission. For instance, the sculpted terrain seeks to mimic the lunar terrain while the stainless steel cylinders seek to resemble rocket boosters. This is a great place to enjoy a picnic or the greenery and coolness of water on a hot summer day.

Houston offers locals and visitors a wide range of outdoor activities including parks. If you’re wondering where to start, this list will prove invaluable.

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