Where To Find Great BoHo Furnishings For Your Dallas Apartment

Boho derives its inspiration from those who opt to lead unconventional lives, for instance, actors, constant travelers, and writers. The decorating style is for those who desire homes that are full of culture, life, and interesting items.

While Boho rooms typically have some similarities and share features, no two rooms are completely alike. If you’re seeking a style that you could make your own, you might want to consider Boho. If you’re looking to buy Boho furnishings for your Dallas rental, consider this list of places.

Boho Furniture

Typically, you won’t find Boho furniture in a store. Instead, you’ll find them among vintage and second-hand items. Every piece must be unique and narrate a story. Consider the vintage shops locally and select every piece individually.

If it pleases you, it will fit. You and your visitors will appreciate the Boho vibe with luxurious couches and chairs in saturated colors. If you want to produce a warm floor-seating atmosphere, overstuffed pillows or throw rugs will achieve the desired effect. Make sure you select comfortable and relaxed pieces such as daybeds or butterfly chairs.

Where to Find Boho Furnishings

Again &Again

While the store is slightly pricier, Again & Again sells vintage furniture. The store has custom refurnishing with a team of in-store designers to help repurpose furniture pieces. The store concentrates on environmentally friendly repurposing and can help in polishing up an old piece or change it to produce a unique item.

Nearly all their inventory is online, so make sure you examine the website for refurbishing tips and producing accent pillows and custom furniture.

Lots of Furniture

Lots of Furniture store has 95% of its stock coming from Europe while the remainder originates from local pickers. The pieces might seem somewhat pricey especially for a novice antiquer. For instance, you can expect to pay $215 for a broken chair.

However, the prices aren’t dependent on what the owners pay. Rather, they sell them depending on what they pay. You’ll find glass windows and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and large ornate pieces in the range of $1,000.

You’ll also find mostly French and English pieces from the 18th century to 1940s. The store can help with your restoration needs and might be keen on unwanted furniture from customers. Therefore, they sell, purchase, and consign their customers’ antique furniture whenever possible.


Circa20c provides premium, upscale vintage, and mid-century contemporary furniture as well as modern pieces by distinguished designers. The store showcases furniture in a manner that maximizes the beauty while providing buyers with a distinct viewpoint on how to use various items. Some of the services they offer include upholstery and refinishing services.

Legacy Antiques

Legacy Antiques offers a wide range of 18th and 19th Century European antiques, including antique lighting and furniture. Their merchandise comes from Italy, Spain, and France among other countries worldwide. Their furnishings comprise various styles, including French formal and Empire antiques.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to buy unconventional furnishings that make your home unique, perhaps you should consider a Boho style of decoration. This list offers some of the stores from which you can purchase Boho furnishings

For more information on where to find BoHo furnishings for your Dallas rental, contact us at Apartment Agents or leave a message.