5 Attractions In Dallas You Have To Experience

Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden

Have a great time at the Dallas Garden

While everybody associates Dallas with dining and shopping, travelers can also experience a wide range of activities and attractions. Dallas hosts some of the best entertainment and attractions in America.

Since the city has beautiful weather for the most part, some attractions provide stunning outdoor scenery with plenty of walking trails and pathways.

You can choose from various attractions to fit your interests and schedule. While various places are ideal for one afternoon, others provide several sights that you’ll need a few days to take it in.

Regardless of the places you visit, anticipate pleasant Texas hospitality at every attraction. If you’re still wondering where to start, check this out.

Dallas World Aquarium

Although you may not appreciate what an incredible spot this is from the outside, the Dallas World Aquarium features great highlights for instance crocodiles, sea turtles, and jaguars.

The adventure starts at the top of the rainforest exhibit where you can see exotic birds for instance Cocks-of-the rock and numerous toucan species. Endangered animals for instance Orinoco crocodiles and numerous species of monkeys are also part of the numerous conservation projects.

The spot is ideal for young families owing to the stroller-friendly aquarium. If possible, try to visit during feeding times-you’ll have the opportunity to observe the critters feast while staff members provide more information concerning the species.

Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Situated on the shores of White Rock Lake, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is among the most Dallas’s beautiful attractions. The attraction features 66-acres of stunning gardens exhibiting incredible flowers, trees, ornamental shrubs, and plant collections.

The spot hosts various concerts, outdoor festivals, and art shows throughout the year. The venue also makes a great spot for a scenic picnic. While there, you can also enjoy outdoor and indoor dining.

People of various ages visit the venue for education programs on art, gardening, and hands-on science throughout the year. Try to visit during the spring and autumn seasons to view incredible seasonal exhibits.

Dallas Zoo

Home to numerous endangered and rare species, the Dallas Zoo is a great spot especially for kids. Ensure you let the children visit the Lacerte Children’s Zoo where they can feed the birds and ride ponies. The popular children’s attraction constantly features seasonal events.

Children will also enjoy the Monorail, which operates seasonally. The Monorail Safari will give you a 20-minute tour through forest, woodland, bush, and mountain habitats. The zoo also features the famous “Wilds of Africa” exhibit, which features the six main African habitats.

Sixth Floor Museum

Situated in downtown Dallas, Dealey Plaza, the Sixth Floor Museum has welcomed countless visitors since its opening. The museum examines the death, life, and legacy of President John F. Kennedy through photographs, artifacts, documentary film, and interactive educational programs.

People of various ages seeking understanding and information on J.F.K. visit the Reading Room to access over 4,000 books, newspapers, videos, and magazines.

While there, you should also visit the Museum store and café, which provides an ever-changing blend of distinctive offerings in a modern yet historic environment. The store displays newly published documentaries, books, and unique gift items.

Nasher Sculpture Center

Situated near the Dallas Museum of Art, the Nasher Sculpture Center is among Dallas’s premier art museums. The venue blends outdoor and indoor galleries seamlessly. With the numerous things to see, plan to spend an afternoon or morning there. Kids will also enjoy the artworks from the likes of Pablo Picasso.

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Image: Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden