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Don’t Forget to Ask These 5 Questions When Viewing a Rental

If you’ve been a renter at some point in your life, then you understand how exciting it can be once you spot your ideal rental. However, it’s easy to be carried away in the thrill while viewing it. After all, the rental market typically moves fast, and you wouldn’t want to lose your desired rental to somebody else.

The problem, however, comes once you’ve moved in and start noticing that things aren’t what they seem. That’s why it’s vital to ask these questions when viewing a rental, particularly during the initial phases of a hunt.

1. How Much Will the Rent Cost?

The first question you need to ask before settling on a rental is crucial. It’s easy to think this question is obvious and you might even assume that the rental cost is what you saw advertised online. In some instances, this is precise. However, apartment costs fluctuate, so the amount you saw a while back might be different today.

You want to obtain clarification on the rent for proper budgeting. It’s equally important to determine whether late fees apply and the due date for rental payment.

If you’re seeking a month-to-month or short-term lease, you’ll probably incur a higher rent price. Ensure you inquire about the rent depending on the lease length.

2. What is the Procedure for Application?

This question should be among the first when viewing a rental. Before viewing the rental, inquire about the application and screening process. Recognizing the application beforehand will ensure you come prepared for the viewing.

It’s worth noting that the application process will differ across rentals. While some landlords expect a credit report and references, some will merely accept a security deposit and application.

Ensure you inquire whether the landlord will require a hard inquiry on the report; this will affect your score. Establish whether the screening process suits you and be skeptical if a potential landlord is seeking personal information.

3. How Much Will I Pay for Security Deposit?

Besides the rent, the security deposit is a huge expense that needs consideration. Remember, the amount needed for a security deposit differs. Keep in mind that a security deposit typically ranges between 1 and 3 month’s rent. If an apartment unit is seeking a renter fast, they might even offer waived or discounted security deposits.

4. Does the Rental Include Furniture?

In most cases, what you see during the viewing might not be the reality. Therefore, you want to verify whether the property is unfurnished or furnished. At the same time, you want to establish the specifics to identify what you’ll bring to the unit.

It’s recommended you inquire about appliances such as fridges and washing machines. If you’re telecommuting, you’ll want to check whether the unit can accommodate any tables or desks. Most landlords won’t have a problem with you bringing your furniture to a furnished unit. However, ensure you inquire before you remove anything that isn’t yours.

5. How Will I Pay for Utilities?

Once you’ve confirmed the utilities you’ll pay for, determine how you’ll pay for them. Also, you want to determine the service providers the unit uses for gas, electricity, and internet. Do so before you move to schedule utilities that need setting up.

Final Thoughts

When seeking a rental, don’t assume that an agent will give you all the information. You’re better off conducting some research and having a checklist to help you make an informed decision.

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