cutting TV

How To Cut TV From Your Life

Do you know that the average American watches over 4 hours of TV daily? This is equivalent to two months of nonstop TV per year. Statistics further reveal that in a 65-year life, you’ll have spent 9 years on the TV.

A more alarming statistic reveals that we have no interest in 70 % of what we watch. While TV is beneficial in numerous ways, it could easily turn into a tool for time wastage.

You’ll discover that most people watch TV for stress relief, for the sake of entertainment or habit and while there’s nothing wrong with these, TV addiction could draw you away from productive things. Fortunately, you can engage in these alternate activities.

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buying off the plan

Is Buying Off The Plan A Good Idea?

Buying off the plan implies that you enter into a contract to buy a property at the initial development stage or before construction begins. Therefore, you can view the building plans and design in the absence of a physical property.

For prospective investors and homeowners, this plan can be more flexible and affordable than purchasing an existing property though you must beware of other considerations. If you’re thinking of taking this route, here’s what you should know.

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What You Need To Know About The Houston Apartment Association

With the emerging apartment communities in Houston, several provide specials to attract new residents. The offers or concessions are financial incentives for instance discounts, free rent, and reserved parking.

However, how do you establish the suitable offer? In this case, The Houston Apartment Association (HAA) will offer an invaluable tool in helping you locate rental housing in Houston and the adjacent area. Here’s what you need to know about the association.

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home security system

Latest Home Security-You Can DIY

Whether you rent or own your home, everybody deserves an affordable and accessible security system, which provides peace of mind against fire, theft, and other hazards. However, monthly charges for professionally monitored systems may surpass your budget.

Fortunately, you can invest in a DIY system, which is available in two options. You can consider a self-monitored and self-installed system or a self installed and proficiently monitored system. Here’s a list of DIY home security systems to consider.

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storage solutions for toys

Clever Storage Ideas-When The Kids Toys Become A Clutter Problem

While children bring considerable joy to our lives, they can bring challenges, especially when it comes to a family’s spatial needs.

Residing in a rental with a child can feel cluttered, cramped, and keeping the child’s space clean can frequently feel pointless.

You’ll discover that you constantly have to clean up the clutter despite organizing it several times. Fortunately, these storage solutions will help declutter the toys.

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apartment construction

Apartment Construction Trends 2017

Reports reveal that the housing market faces challenges that could thwart additional growth this year. Consequently, buyers should expect increased prices given the comparatively few homes on the market.

In terms of permits, there was a decline of building permits in December. Bear in mind that while those for single-family homes increased, apartment permits declined.

In North Texas, apartment occupancy and leasing are at record levels, though analysts anticipate few projects this year. Analysts attribute the decline to increasing costs and difficulty in finding desirable sites.

Furthermore, the D-FW area is expected to see a considerable drop in multifamily starts. Generally, however analysts expect multifamily housing construction to increase through 2017. ┬áHere’s a list of multifamily housing trends to expect in 2017.

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renting with pets

Protecting Your Deposit When You Rent With Pets-5 Tips To Keeping Your Landlord Happy

While residing with pets can be rewarding, it can also pose challenges especially if you’re a tenant. You not only have to meet your pet’s needs but also bear in mind that you’ve entered into an agreement with the rental’s owner and are part of a bigger community of pets and people.

Remember, landlords want to protect their investment, and as a pet owner, you want your landlord to know you’re a responsible tenant. Fortunately, these tips will help you protect your deposit when renting with pets.

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green apartment living

Green Apartment Living-How Smart Choices Can Keep Your Costs Down And Help The Environment

If you’re like most people, you probably think that it’s much easier to go green and begin eco-friendly┬áliving once you have your place. When you reside in an apartment, you can’t change many things so you may feel like you can’t do much.

However, you can still make changes and adopt sustainable living in a rental. Here’s a list of ways you can adopt green apartment living.

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6 Tips For Courtyard Landscaping

A courtyard is the area that offers the taste of outdoors while offering the privacy of an ordinary room within your home. While there are numerous landscaping ideas when it comes to this area, your major concern should be creating serenity and a space for relaxation.

Any seasoned gardener or landscaper will inform you that a landscape isn’t merely a few randomly placed shrubs and trees. It needs careful planning, thought, research, and hard work. Fortunately, landscaping doesn’t have to cost you considerable money if you adopt these tips.

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Cable TV or Netflix? Why The Internet Has Revolutionized Home Entertainment

With the ever-increasing platforms to view your preferred movies and shows, it can be difficult to establish which suits your budget and needs best.

Furthermore, the wide range of services competing for your attention might leave you wondering whether there’s a huge difference between internet streaming and cable. If you’re still undecided about the two options, here’s what you need to know.

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