Houston fair  housing

What You Need To Know About Fair Housing In Houston

Everybody who applies for housing has the right to enjoy equal treatment. As a result, the development of the Fair Housing Act occurred with the aim of advising lenders, landlords, renters, and buyers of the housing practices that could be deemed discrimination.

If you’re a Houston resident and are concerned about housing discrimination, you can access the following resources.

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apartment photos

The Best Alternatives For Hanging Pictures In A Rented Space

Hanging pictures is an excellent way of decorating and personalizing a space. ┬áIn fact, pictures can make your space feel more welcoming. However, this might not be possible in a rented space because you’ll end up with huge holes in the wall.

Whether you’re renting from a stringent landlord or you would rather not damage the walls, there are many ways of showing off your pictures without reaching for nails and a hammer. Consider these alternatives if you wish to transform your apartment.

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How To Get Out Of Your Apartment Lease Early

A lease is a binding legal agreement between the landlord and tenant and vacating a rental before the expiry of the lease could have serious outcomes. There are various valid reasons for renters to break a lease, but regardless of the reason, it’s always a hard situation for the tenant and landlord.

Whether you need to take on a roommate, move for employment, or another reason, breaking a lease should take place with proper planning and care. If you need to move, consider these tips for getting out of your lease early.

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dallas neighborhood

Top Dallas Neighborhoods For Singles Renting

If you’re a single looking to rent in Dallas, you’ll want to live near the best eateries, entertainment, and of course, in the best neighborhood. Whether you’re interested in a condominium or loft, the Big D has a wide range of options for you. Here’s a list of neighborhoods to consider for singles:

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apartment business

Running A Business From Your Rented Apartment

According to the SBA or Small Business Administration, almost half of every small business currently running in the U.S. is some kind of apartment or home-based business.

Remember, most towns comprise zoning laws that separate residential and business use of buildings. Therefore, recognizing local laws is mandatory before you start working from your rental. Here’s what you need to know before contemplating this move.

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apartment party

What You Need To Know About Throwing A Party In Your Rented Space

Whether you reside in a house or apartment, throwing a get together for family and friends is an opportunity to enjoy a good time. However, when you live in a rental, you must remember you have neighbors.

Therefore, you must be considerate and respect those around you. Otherwise, you might obtain a noise complaint if things get too loud or worse, face an eviction notice. Thankfully, these tips will help you throw a responsible party without adverse consequences.

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leaking faucet

5 Things You Need To Do Before Moving Into Your Older Apartment

Whether you’re moving into a new or older apartment, it’s imperative you perform a thorough inspection of the unit. It might be tempting to simply start unpacking and start decorating, however you shouldn’t skip this step.

It’s especially important when the apartment building is old because it comes with its set of related issues. When you relocate into a new place, and things aren’t in the right order, the property owner is responsible for making repairs.

If you don’t disclose these problems, the cost of repairs could come out of your security deposit when moving out. Here’s a checklist of things you should do before moving into an older unit.

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utility services

How To Transfer Utility Services Quickly With No Fuss

Regardless of whether you’re moving across town or across the country, the entire moving process of transferring utilities to a new provider can be a period of ambiguity.

While transferring service and utilities from your old to the new residence is part of moving, it can be a hassle. However, it doesn’t need to be stressful. A hassle-free move is mostly a matter of recalling the details and handling utilities beforehand can give you peace of mind.

The last thing you want is to move across the country or town only to find the lights out and phone dead. Fortunately, these tips will help you transfer utility services easily.

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lease renewal

5 Simple Tips On Renewing Your Apartment Lease

If you enjoy where you live because of the great neighbors and local amenities, you might not want to move. In fact, if your lease is about to expire, you might wish to lock in your present rent if possible and hopefully remain in the same rental as long as the landlord is willing.

In this case, renewing your apartment lease can be an economical move, especially because you don’t need to pay for or plan a move. If you’re thinking of extending your lease, consider these tips.

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Dallas renter problems

Common Problems Renters Face In Dallas

When you’re a tenant, you’ll need to approach the property owner at some point with a problem even if you like your rental.

Nevertheless, a property manager can make things easier when it comes to addressing the issues that arise. This is because they can function as intermediaries. Here’s a look at some of the common problems you’re likely to experience as a Dallas renter.

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