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Tesla’s Solar Roof-Has The Energy Future Been Found?

Although you’ll find solar panels atop select homes and businesses, they aren’t widespread. In spite of the benefits of solar roofing brings to utility bills and the environment, installation is extremely cost prohibitive for many building owners and families.

However, Elon Musk-a business magnate and famous inventor, has a vision that could change all this. On October 28, the inventor unveiled its new roofing, which combines solar cells with shingles.

The innovation doesn’t merely make solar roofs more affordable, you can actually install it at a lower price than conventional roofing. Here’s what you need to know about Tesla’s innovation.

About Tesla’s Solar Roofing

Tesla’s new line of roofing can capture the sun’s energy and seeks to substitute the usual solar panel array. Together with a home battery, termed the Power Wall as well as a Tesla electric vehicle, the new line of roofing could produce a complete personal solar system for a residential home.

The new tiles are appealing and resemble the roofing we’re accustomed to, which is a huge advantage. The difference with Tesla’s roofing material is that the company will provide incorporated tiles.

Rather than purchasing a roof, paying workers for installation, then purchasing new panels, and paying for additional labor, you can consolidate the price; this could be cheaper.

The product faces marketplace challenges including: location, the cost of electricity, whether you’re purchasing a new home and roof or need to substitute a worn-down roof, and the availability of solar.

Furthermore, not all utility companies and states have measures in place that enable businesses and homeowners to sell their surplus solar energy.

Benefits of Tesla’s Solar Roofing

Conventional solar panels experience challenges in cloudy conditions because they depend on the sun to generate power. However, Tesla has a plan for this, using a version of its wall-mounted battery to offer power when it can’t be generated from the sun.

Tesla’s roofing also provides benefits beyond electric generation and affordability. You’ll discover that the panels are more appealing and offer better insulation than other panels.

Durability is perhaps one of its biggest advantages. The panels can outlast conventional roofing tiles because they’re glass-made. On the other hand, conventional tiles need frequent replacement after a decade of wear.

The company further adds that the panels will be able to tolerate rain, snow, and grime, with the inventor approximating a lifespan of 50 years.

Benefits of Solar Energy

  • Decreased Electric Bills

This is the major reason why people invest in solar energy. Using solar energy means less dependence on electric companies to provide electricity, resulting in decreased monthly bills.

  • Accessibility in Remote Areas

The cost of maintaining and installing solar panels is initially high, but for areas that are unable to obtain electricity the conventional way, including these is advantageous.

In remote areas, electric companies can’t include a grid mix for electricity installation. Therefore, such areas use solar power in order to use devices such as a washer or microwave.

Disadvantages of Solar Panels

  • Storage of Solar Energy

You use solar energy throughout the night hours via batteries charged throughout the day. This way, you don’t worry about lacking electricity in the evening. Tesla battery costs $3,000, which is costly. Ensure you locate a place that won’t damage the battery.

  • Expensive Installation

While solar roofing results in savings, you spend considerable money purchasing solar panels. Bear in mind that the bigger your needs, the more costly it is.

Final Thoughts

While Tesla’s roofing seems promising given the expected benefits, it’s prudent you conduct thorough research before investing in the product.

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