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natural lighting in apartment

5 Ways to Make Daylighting Work for Your Houston Apartment

Good lighting is crucial to producing an inviting space, and there’s no better light than sunlight. However, it can be a major challenge if your Houston apartment doesn’t have natural light.

Whether your apartment lacks numerous windows, or you have an obstructed view from buildings and trees, exploiting natural light can imply reworking your décor.

There’s no need to live in a dark apartment that feels cramped.  If you want to make your apartment seem spacious, these tips will help brighten your living space.

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apartment plant

Not A Green Thumb? 6 Apartment Loving Hearty Plants to Enhance Your Space

From air purification to making your living space welcoming, there are various reasons to integrate plants into your home. Regardless of your apartment’s size, easy ways exist to refresh it while giving it new life.

Apartment plants can give your space a new look whether you’re a beginner botanist or have a green thumb. Maintaining plants in an apartment can seem challenging, especially because of space limitations. However, it’s possible to try out your green thumb with these plants.

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wall stickers

Decorating Walls With Vinyl Stickers-Jazz Up Your Rental Walls

When it comes to decorating rental walls, you can use various techniques such as vinyl stickers. You can place the decorative adhesives onto a wall directly and you’ll discover this trend helps brighten up our living space.

The advantage of producing wall artworks with stickers is that you don’t have to use them precisely as they were intended. You could personalize wall decoration by layering and cutting wall stickers. If you’re looking to transform the plain walls in your rental, consider these tips.

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5 Unpacking Tips To Settle Into Your New Apartment Faster

Everybody’s different when it comes to moving into a new place. For some, packing up is a chore while unpacking gives them a feeling of opportunity and energy. Others, however; enjoy the anticipation that accompanies packing up the home but dislike the idea of unpacking once the moving vans leave the furniture at the new place.

Regardless of your attitude towards packing and unpacking, these unpacking strategies will help you settle into your apartment easier.

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furnishing new place

5 Thrift Shopping Tips For Furnishing Your New Place For Less Than $1,000

If you need to furnish your rental but are on a tight budget, you need an alternative and affordable option. Whether you’re moving on a budget or you simply wish to give your rental a facelift without spending a lot of money, obtaining affordable furniture for your living space can be a hassle.

After all, furniture can get costly, particularly if you intend to re-furnish the entire home. Nevertheless, if you recognize what you want, when to buy, and the places to look, you could easily save some money on your desired furniture. Here’s a list of tips that will help you save.

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Studio Apartment

5 Best Studio Apartments For Work And Play

An appealing and comfortable rental might serve your small business needs efficiently. Before you consider renting a rental for business purposes, you must examine various factors, including zoning restrictions.

While numerous rental buildings might have residential zoning only, a growing number of apartment buildings are currently zoned “mixed-use.” Before you begin your business, you’ll need to consider these factors.

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apartment you can afford

How To Calculate How Much Apartment You Can Afford

If you’re a first-time renter, you must be very excited. After all, you’ll enjoy the freedom to live on your own and decorate your living space accordingly. However, a rental has its share of challenges, especially the cost.

Although renting an apartment can appear prohibitively costly, it’s possible to examine your monthly expenses and calculate a budget that won’t strain you excessively.

Remember, knowing the amount you can afford is a vital part of any rental search. If you’re looking for a new rental but aren’t sure about the amount you should spend, check these guidelines.

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dog walking

Is Apartment Living Suitable For Pets?

Pet ownership isn’t for every apartment or person, but most dog breeds and all house cats can do just fine in an apartment.

Sharing your living space with a pet can be extremely rewarding. For instance, pet ownership can improve life quality and even promote better health.

Nevertheless, responsible ownership requires the acknowledgment of the associated disadvantages and recognizing whether you can overcome them. If you’re thinking of living with your pet, check out this post.

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exercise equipment

The Best Exercise Equipment For Apartments

When it comes to becoming healthy, losing weight, and keeping fit, several people prefer a gym membership. However, such memberships can be costly and many people find it inconvenient to have to go to the gym whenever they wish to exercise.

Consequently, if you want the option of exercising daily without limitation, you should obtain equipment for your apartment. Bear in mind that the best machines for limited spaces are those that take up the least space but still offer workout versatility.  Here’s a list of equipment you should consider for your living space.

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rental restictions

What You Can’t Do To Your Rental Apartment

Living in a rental offers several benefits, including personal freedom. However, challenges arise especially when it comes to decorating your living space.

Beware that rentals have restrictions when it comes to making alterations, and if you’re not careful you could easily violate your lease agreement. For these reasons, it’s important to identify what you can and can’t do to your unit. Here’s a list of things you can’t do in a rental.

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