Dinner Party

5 Tips For Throwing A Dinner Party In A Small Apartment

As an apartment dweller, you must deal with space constraints. However, this doesn’t mean that throwing a dinner party must be stressful.

With some creativity and DIY flair, you can enjoy a great night with friends.  If you’re keen on entertaining your family and friends but worry about the limited space, use these tips to host a great dinner party.

1. Seating and Furniture

Seating and furniture are major challenges when it comes to entertaining in small spaces. Therefore, it’s important you demonstrate creativity. For instance, you could purchase an affordable foldout table and join it to the end of your current table.

Ensure you purchase a tablecloth to disguise the two different tables under the cloths. It’s also important to use your resources by converting what you can into chairs, including couches, pillows, and stools.

If you lack the space for a dining table, take advantage of your existing furniture, for instance, dresser and desk to create one huge surface.

While heights may differ, recognizing that things probably won’t be perfect will take considerable pressure off as the host.

Having sufficient chairs can also be problematic in a small space. Nevertheless, you can borrow a few from your neighbors. During entertainment, a folding table can function as an eating surface while a console can function as a buffet.

Just space out these distinctive areas so your guests don’t crowd in the same corner. Having varied areas will further encourage flow and movement.

2. Food and Drinks

Make sure you identify dietary requirements and preferences in advance. You don’t want to end up with a huge meal that only a few guests can enjoy.

In case a guest has unusual dietary restrictions, ask for suggestions that will work. For the menu, keep it simple and delectable.

Make sure you select dishes that you can prepare ahead of time, allowing you to spend more time with guests and away from the kitchen.

When dealing with a crowd, it’s advisable to serve foods that you can easily prepare in batches, for instance roast chicken and lasagna. When it comes to drinks, offer bottled sodas and water to keep potential spills to a minimum.

3. Space Preparation

Planning is an important step to any party, but when dealing with a small space and huge crowd, take time to think things through.

It’s important you examine your apartment, supplies, and establish whether you have sufficient chairs, plates, and serving ware.

If not, rent the essential items or ask some friends whether you can borrow some platters and forks. It’s also important to clean up the space since clutter can occupy more room than you recognize.

Bear in mind that taking the time to clean up and discard unnecessary clutter will free up additional space. You’ll also discover that reorganizing small things will open up some room.

Consider storing some items in other rooms to make space for more people. When rearranging the room, make sure you move unnecessary furniture out of the way.

4. Use other Rooms

If your guests have purses and coats, use another room as a coat check to prevent them from lying around the living room, which is for mingling.

Furthermore, if you have a balcony or patio, consider setting up a drinks or appetizer table to allow for more room for the main course.

5. Be Present

Make sure you prepare everything in advance, so you can spend quality time with your guests. You should also try to connect with all guests and introduce them to each other. It’s also important you create conversations in which everybody can participate.

A small living space shouldn’t discourage you from throwing dinner parties. In fact, it’s possible to entertain guests with some creative planning and great tips such as these.

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