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4 Dallas Landmarks & Historical Sites for an Educational Afternoon with Kids

If you’re looking to visit historical places to inspire your next adventure, Dallas has it all. From intriguing museums and popular landmarks to famous attractions, the city has a wealth of options if you’re looking to enjoy an educational afternoon with kids.

The kid-friendly destinations offer the perfect way of getting your kids into the back-to-school spirit while making the most of weekends or holidays. Here’s a list of sites worth checking out.

1. Sixth Floor Museum

This historical site is one of the most popular in Dallas. It pays tribute to John F. Kennedy’s legacy and chronicles his assassination. Situated within the previous Texas School Depository building in Dealey Plaza-a national landmark, the Sixth Floor museum frequently hosts exhibits and distinct live events along with its core collection.

Although crime scene theories and conspiracy theories attract considerable attention, the museum gives kids an opportunity to learn about the enduring social and political impact of J.F.K.’s short presidency.

Also, the exhibits explore the legacy, life, and assassination of John Kennedy within the context of the 60s culture and history.

Furthermore, the multi-media experience fosters cross-generation communication, promoting knowledge, interest, and understanding. If you want an audio guide, you can request a kid-friendly version for an age-appropriate self-guided tour.

2. Dallas Holocaust & Human Rights Museum

Founded in 1984 by a group of Holocaust survivors, the museum is in the city’s momentous West End. Since its opening, the Dallas Holocaust museum serves to enlighten people on the Holocaust’s history and encourage human rights education as a way of combating hatred, prejudice, and indifference.

The museum has received continuous recognition for its creative and captivating approach as well as the exhibitions and programming. The top-rated attraction is one of the few Holocaust-related centers or museums in the U.S. and the only one serving North Central Texas along with the adjacent states of Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Your kids can learn a lot from the various exhibits such as the Shoah Wing, which educates on the 3000-year history of the Jewish people and features Europe’s captivating floor maps throughout World War II.

3. The Texas Theater

The treasured theater initially opened its doors in 1931 and made history with groundbreaking aspects and magnificent architectural detail. It was Dallas’s first air-conditioned theater and you’ll notice there’s some allure associated with the property because of the brief ownership by Howard Hughes and being the place where Harvey Oswald faced arrest.

The theater’s reopening took place in 2010 and shows old and new films. The cultural gem provides a healthy serving of local legends and you can enjoy a guided tour where your kids will learn about the theater’s history or visit to watch a show.

Although the original seats are no longer there, you can catch one of the new indie releases along with older titles.

4. Fair Park

The historic, Dallas landmark has a lot of fascinating sites to see and venues to visit. Fair Park is only two miles downtown and functions as the site for the Texas State Fair in addition to being home to the Hall of State and the Cotton Bowl Stadium. Furthermore, you can take your kids to the various museums.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering where to spend an educational afternoon with your kids, this list of Dallas landmarks and historical sites will prove invaluable.

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