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News, events, and trends for the apartment rental market in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston.


Is There A Decline In Apartment Building In D-FW Area?

Last year, the rental market in North Texas was on fire. Properties sprang up and people flocked to the city for relocations while builders worked to keep pace with demand.

In 2014, renters leased units nearly as fast as they emerged on the market. Things appear to be different this year, with reports indicating a decline in apartment building in the DFW area. Here’s an overview of the declining apartment market in this area.

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How To Style Your Studio Apartment With Flair

If you’re seeking an inexpensive rental, perhaps you should consider a studio apartment. This type of rental can also be a choice for students, singles, and retirees.

If you opt for it, you’ll need to focus on filling it with stuff that fit your needs while emphasizing your personal aesthetic.

Most people think that decorating a small apartment is virtually impossible. However, living in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish, so here are a few tips. Continue reading

New Trends In Apartment Decorating For Summer 2015

Reclaimed wood

Incorporate reclaimed wood this summer

From getting a summer makeover to following the most recent wardrobe trends, you may be prepared to beat the scorching heat. However, have you thought about your apartment?

While you’re still enjoying the sounds and sights of spring, this is also the time to think about prepping your home for the coming hotter months. If you haven’t refurbished your interiors since the holiday season, your living space is perhaps still stuck in the winter mode and requires an urgent makeover.

It’s imperative your dwelling spells comfort. To help you achieve a cozy residence, incorporate the new décor trends that will characterize the world of interior design in the next coming months.

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Real Estate Trends In Houston For 2015

Real Estate

Discover real estate trends in Houston

Houston currently offers the most lucrative opportunities for real estate according to a survey conducted by the Urban Land Institute and PwC. Experts further believe that the energy sector will drive financial growth in Houston, which will sustain 2015′s real estate market according to the ULI/PwC report.

Experts assert that the awakening of cities such as Houston is taking place due to the influx of millennials. Such cities currently feature retail, entertainment, and dining options that cater to the younger population beyond normal operating hours.

Emerging trends in the city’s real estate indicate that Houston ranks among the top markets to watch next year. Experts further indicate that the real estate market is likely to remain reasonably robust. If you’re considering real estate investment, check this out.

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4 Important Renting Trends In Houston

Renting Trends

Renting trends in Houston

Houston, which is the 4th largest city in the country, provides a wide array of housing for renters. This means there’s a neighborhood and property type for everybody.

The rate of growth over the last couple of years reveals the changes in the rental landscape. These changes imply more options but also more decisions for you to make.

If you wish to relocate to Houston as a renter, check out these important trends.

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7 Design Tips To Make Your Apartment Look Bigger Than It Really Is

7 Design Tips

Keep your apartment well lit, tidy and free from clutter.

Finding an apartment in Houston TX or Dallas TX for the right price can be a challenge. Although you may not like the idea of renting a small apartment, there are plenty of cleaver interior design techniques that you can use to make your space look bigger.

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3 Modern Design Trends For Today’s Apartment Seekers

Open Concept Apartment

Open concept apartments are a popular trend right now.

Searching for a new apartment in Houston or Dallas is never easy.  With prices constantly on the rise it can be difficult to find a sizeable apartment.

The need for more space has resulted in three major design trends, each used to create the best possible living environment in a small apartment.  Continue reading