The Best Gyms In Dallas For Renters Looking To Stay Fit

Dallas is a great city with a rich history, great people, and numerous activities to keep you busy. It’s also home to a great food scene.  If you’re a renter looking to stay fit or find an effective way of de-stressing, perhaps you should consider joining a gym.

However, joining a gym can be a huge decision, one that needs dedication and discipline. Numerous people sign up for gym memberships and use them infrequently.

Before joining, ensure you’ve researched the various gyms in your area and chosen the location, facility, and price that suits you. Here’s a list of the best Dallas gyms if you don’t know where to start.

Body Tech Personal Training

Body Tech Personal Training is a family-owned gym in Dallas. You can use the facility to exercise as you wish during normal business hours and can come for sessions after hours with a personal trainer. You’ll have access to coffee, showers, and filtered water. Personal trainers will help you with your training program to ensure you remain dedicated to your fitness goals.

In case you require closer guidance, the facility has its lifestyle coach who’ll motivate you to achieve your fitness goals by directing you through a healthier lifestyle and proper nutrition. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage in Pilates and yoga.


The fitness facility in Dallas offers a range of programs and the staff conducts an evaluation and analysis initially to establish their exercise history and commitment level. Thereafter, you can receive a meal, workout, and recovery program. Builtco has a Med Spa as well.

Burn Dallas Gym

Burn Dallas centers on High-Intensity Training. You’ll find classes each hour and you can use spin cycles, treadmills, free weights, and plyometrics for cardio work and strength training.  You’re welcome to use the wearable heart technology, which permits you to track your progress at the gym and while you’re away.

BodyBar Fitness Dallas

The pilates facility offers various classes centered on working through isometrics, dynamic movements, and cardio thrills. You’re welcome in any of the classes regardless of your fitness level. Fortunately, the facility offers knowledgeable instructions that challenge you. At $59, newbies can enjoy an unlimited two-week trial at Bodybar Fitness.

City Surf Fitness

While the classes take place barefoot, that’s not to say they’re easy. City Surf provides surf-inspired conditioning and strength classes on their stationary surfboards. Every class is 35 or 50 minutes of exercises that target the entire body.

As a result, they result in considerable increases in posture, core stability, and coordination. You’ll find the classes challenging, especially since every move occurs on a wobbling surfboard.

Added benefits at City Surf Fitness include the stunning surf videos played throughout the class and the welcoming community created by the studio. If you’re visiting for the first time, you can purchase a class and obtain another free.

Dallas Strength and Conditioning

The facility offers 25 years of fitness experience to Dallas residents. Dallas Strength and Conditioning focuses on strength training, allowing you to work on powerlifting, fat loss, and kettlebell training. Individual needs are available as well.

Final Thoughts

Joining a gym membership is a decision that needs careful thought and commitment. If you don’t know where to start looking in Dallas, consider this guide.

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