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Apartments in Desoto and nearby areas were built between 1948 and 2015. Residents have 9 different rentals to choose from that offer countless amenities, services, and features. One bedrooms start at $399, two bedrooms $499, and three bedrooms 549. Check out our table below to view rental rates for the Desoto area and starting prices for popular amenities.

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Desoto Apartment Locators
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DeSoto Town Center
From $845
Studio - 2BR

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Huntington Ridge
From $884
1BR - 3BR

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DeSoto Ranch
From $939
1BR - 3BR

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Mount Vernon
From $840
1BR - 3BR

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From $790
1BR - 2BR

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Thorn Manor
From $749
1BR - 2BR

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Park at Wintergreen
From $870
1BR - 2BR

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The Corners
From $839
1BR - 2BR

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From $800
1BR - 3BR

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About DeSoto TX

Once known as the “The Crossroads”, a short stop on the trail to Dallas became DeSoto in 1881 in honor of beloved resident and physician, Dr. Thomas Hernando DeSoto Stewart.   In the 1940’s, according to longtime resident, Mae Vaughn,  wife of former councilman known by all as “Uncle Red”, was a rural farming town of “100 people tied onto the waterline” with two grocery stores one run by Alton “Gunpowder” Cox. The landscape of DeSoto has progressed rapidly from its rural farming roots.  The population of DeSoto hovers near 50,000 people and business is booming at “The Crossroads of Beltline and Hampton Roads”.

DeSoto suburb community is one of the largest and most diverse of Dallas County.   Rich in history and culture, DeSoto offers multitudes of engaging celebrations and festivals sure to fit any calendar.   If you are interested in the City of DeSoto and what the city does for you, DeSoto Civic Academy presents a free 11-week class to give the details of every department of city government – with dinner and supplies included!

Like the diversity of the city that houses them, DeSoto Apartments come in every size from expansive garden-style units, to luxury townhomes to sleek and modern mid-rises.   For one at a crossroads of where to live in the metroplex, DeSoto is a great place to call home.

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Rental rates in Desoto TX
Bedrooms Average Low High
1 BR$778$490$1295
2 BR$986$630$1510
3 BR$1226$975$1668

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