Apartments in Cedar Hill and nearby areas were built between 1970 and 2016. Residents have 6 different rentals to choose from that offer countless amenities, services, and features. One bedrooms start at $485, two bedrooms $600, and three bedrooms 685. Check out our table below to view rental rates for the Cedar Hill area and starting prices for popular amenities.

Apartments in Cedar Hill for Rent

About Cedar Hill TX

Cedar Hill was once a quiet community that served as the temporary county seat of Dallas County.    In the past decade, Cedar Hill has seen one of the more pronounced booms in retail and residential growth.    Located only 16 miles from downtown Dallas, Cedar Hill is a rare gem in the metroplex offering a community that is known for its safe and clean neighborhoods full of majestic trees and breathtaking landscapes.  

Residents of Cedar Hill enjoy the celebratory events at Cedar Hill such as the Citywide Neighborhood Barbeque Cook-off, the Citywide Neighborhood Block Party and National Night Out.    There’s a lot of good eating going on in Cedar Hill and some of it is for good causes like the charity events, crawfish boils and pig roasts at the Boxcar Club, a restaurant partially constructed from an historic railroad box car.

Cedar Hill is full of natural amenities like Lake Joe Pool and lovely, family-friendly parks as well as the easily-accessible Audobon’s Dogwood Canyon.    The city provides some unusual perks normally not offered like a printing and postage program that allocates $400 for any registered neighborhood organization or crime watch group and NeighborWoods, a beautification program that gives one to two free trees for residents to plant in front lawns around town.

Cedar Hill rentals are quiet garden-style apartments or distinctive townhomes located in what is known as the Hill Country of the Metroplex full of a natural beauty residents love to call their own.

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Rental rates in Cedar Hill TX
Bedrooms Average Low High
1 BR$815$575$1000
2 BR$1060$695$1725
3 BR$1496$1132$2280

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