Apartments in Balch Springs and nearby areas were built between 1910 and 2016. Residents have 2 different rentals to choose from that offer countless amenities, services, and features. One bedrooms start at $440, two bedrooms $560, and three bedrooms 700. Check out our table below to view rental rates for the Balch Springs area and starting prices for popular amenities.

Apartments in Balch Springs for Rent

About Balch Springs TX

As a city sandwiched between Downtown Dallas and Mesquite, Balch Springs offers a pro-business environment paired with the comforts of a small town.     Balch Springs residents are passionate about starting and growing businesses in their suburb neighborhood of roughly 20,000 people.   The City’s Chamber of Commerce offers monthly business seminars keep small business owners informed and up-to-date on the area’s rapidly changing landscape and technology.

Winding creeks and mature trees are the gateway to Balch Springs.   Balch Springs is wide open spaces sparsely developed in places to provide a welcome escape from the heavy concrete and towering buildings of Downtown Dallas.   Living in Balch Springs allows one the ability to stretch their legs without stretching thin one’s budget.

Apartment rentals in Balch Springs are at the heart of the city and allow residents easy access to multiple seasonal parades, rodeos, festivals and organic Farmer’s Market.  One of our favorites is Stoneleigh on Cartwright which offers luxury units and has a great resort style pool.

Addition attractions of the Double D Ranch, a 70-acre western theme conference center with family-style dude ranch and the Gordon Culture Arts series allow for easy scheduling of corporate meetings and retreats and participation in a range of family days and concerts.

Once a small farmland community, Balch Springs is now the hometown of those who want peace, quiet…and progress.

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City of Balch Springs


Rental rates in Balch Springs TX
Bedrooms Average Low High
1 BR$642$440$799
2 BR$792$570$1225
3 BR$947$790$1149

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