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The Best Alternatives For Hanging Pictures In A Rented Space

Hanging pictures is an excellent way of decorating and personalizing a space. ┬áIn fact, pictures can make your space feel more welcoming. However, this might not be possible in a rented space because you’ll end up with huge holes in the wall.

Whether you’re renting from a stringent landlord or you would rather not damage the walls, there are many ways of showing off your pictures without reaching for nails and a hammer. Consider these alternatives if you wish to transform your apartment.

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apartment party

What You Need To Know About Throwing A Party In Your Rented Space

Whether you reside in a house or apartment, throwing a get together for family and friends is an opportunity to enjoy a good time. However, when you live in a rental, you must remember you have neighbors.

Therefore, you must be considerate and respect those around you. Otherwise, you might obtain a noise complaint if things get too loud or worse, face an eviction notice. Thankfully, these tips will help you throw a responsible party without adverse consequences.

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