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Houston dog park

The Best Houston Dog Parks To Keep Your Dog Active

Getting sufficient exercise isn’t just significant for humans. It’s also important for dogs. Keeping your dogs active and healthy is easy with Houston’s local dog parks. Thankfully, you’ll find several great Houston dog parks where your pet can obtain the necessary exercise to remain happy and healthy.

You’ll find some distinct amenities, for instance, small ponds and water features while others comprise benches where owners can relax. Moreover, several comprise separate spaces for large and small breeds. If you’re looking for a park where your dog can have fun and roam, here’s a list of the top parks.

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Happy Dog City

Dallas Apartments With The Best Of The Best For Your Dog

While your dog means a lot to you, you’ve probably discovered how challenging it can be to find a pet- friendly apartment because of the potential damage they could cause.

In the event that you find a pet- friendly unit, the rent is usually high. Nevertheless, it’s possible to find a unit that caters to your pet’s needs. If you’re seeking such an apartment in Dallas, here’s a list of amenities to watch for.

On-site Grooming

A number of apartment units have in-house groomers accessible daily or at particular times every month. The more high-end ones even offer full-fledged spas where your dog can obtain royal treatment for a couple of hours.

Most people believe that a happy spouse leads to a happy life. That’s certainly the case, but it’s true for whomever you’re living with or spending time with including roommates, friends and your dogs as well. These type of amenities can make all the difference.

Dog Run

If your dog has considerable energy, you know that he enjoys running around. However, if you reside in a city without a nearby park, it can be difficult to locate a place for your pet to stretch. Fortunately, a number of complexes offer dog runs at various budgets.

Rooftop Park

Some apartments have a dog park at the rooftop, enabling you to enjoy stunning views of the city while relaxing with your pet. While it’s rare to find an apartment with this amenity, it allows you to spend quality time with your pet.


You might want to go on vacation but might feel anxious about leaving your pet or wonder with whom to leave him. A number of communities handle this issue for pet owners by providing a daycare within the building.

The building managers typically screen the service carefully, which means that you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about how your pet is doing back home.

Dog Park

Dog parks offer a setting in which people can socialize and observe dog interaction. The amenity permits pet owners to spend time with their dogs while providing space for dogs to play and exercise. They have different features though they usually provide benches for people, parking near the site, water, and a separate enclosure for small dogs.

These facilities have increasingly become common because of the increased demand by pet owners for areas where their pets can exercise off-leash and mingle with other dogs.

Wash Room

The building might even have a dedicated room where you can groom your dog and give him a bath instead of messing the cramped shower in your rental. You don’t need to break the bank to afford a rental with this facility.

Dog Pool

For dogs that enjoy swimming, a dog pool offers numerous benefits. In fact, swimming is an all-around healthy dog activity. It offers stimulation, exercise, and a required release for the energy your dog has.

The most apparent advantage of dog swimming is exercise. Dogs frequently have surplus energy to burn, which needs channeling into activities that maintain them in a healthy and active state. The activity also prevents them from being destructive due to boredom. In addition, swimming is beneficial for the entire body, from muscles to cardio.

Dogs who enjoy swimming obtain considerable pleasure out of it. Some will even swim for hours. Consider bringing along a ball for your pet to swim after.

Final Thoughts

A dog is an important pet for any owner. However, it can be frustrating when it comes to locating a pet- friendly apartment. Nevertheless, it’s not impossible to locate one. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly unit, consider this list of amenities in a Dallas apartment.

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A Few Great Dog Breeds For Apartment Living


Consider a boston terrier for your apartment

There’s a dog breed for every lifestyle and person. Bear in mind that just because a particular breed matches your personality, this doesn’t automatically imply that it’s a good option for you.

Although numerous dog owners claim that apartment living and dogs don’t go together, this is untrue. You don’t require a big yard to keep your dog happy.

If you reside in a small apartment, avoid breeds that require considerable space outdoors and time. Fortunately, these breeds can adapt to apartment living.

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The Top 5 Apartment-Friendly Dogs

Apartment Friendly Dog

Chihuahuas are affectionate, obedient and quiet.

Buying a dog is a big decision and if you currently live in an apartment, or are planning on moving to an apartment, there are extra considerations to take into account.

The average size of the breed is important because you’ll need to make sure you have the space to accommodate your dog’s needs. In addition, you should choose a breed that’s generally relaxed; otherwise, your neighbors could quickly become your enemies.  Continue reading