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Large Apartment Buildings versus Small Apartment Buildings

You must consider various factors when hunting for a rental home, including budget, location, amenities, and even unit size.

However, you must first establish the sort of property that suits your needs best. Bear in mind that rentals are available in various sizes, shapes, and the building size can play a huge role in your stay.

Therefore, you must decide whether to rent a building that comprises hundreds of units or a smaller building with only 10 or 20 units. If you’re wondering whether to rent a large or small complex, check out this guide.

Advantages of Large Buildings

A large building comprises over 50 units and offers these benefits:


You’ll benefit from professional management, so the unit will most probably be well-maintained. You’ll discover that professional management alleviates the stress associated with repairs and maintenance.

Furthermore, property managers provide tenants with access to a network of trustworthy contractors who can offer repair and maintenance work at an affordable cost. Furthermore, the best management firms offer preventative services to handle issues before they turn into major problems.


If you attend school or work and this takes your time, you might appreciate huge complexes for the social events and networking. A large building comprises numerous renters, so property managers make an effort to plan social events at least monthly, allowing tenants to interact.

You’ll also discover that larger complexes frequently have the budget to accommodate such events, which include cookouts and monthly birthday parties. These events are frequently free to residents and guests can attend.

Furthermore, attending such functions is a good way of saving money and meeting people simultaneously.


Large complexes tend to feature amenities that most homeowners can’t access. For instance, you’ll find that such buildings comprise fitness centers, pools, lounge areas, and even a library for some.

A large complex is ideal if you enjoy the idea of having numerous neighbors and perhaps a communal room or gym where you can interact.

Drawbacks of Large Complexes

Shared Space

At times, you may want to get away from the chaos or hectic lifestyle but this might be impossible especially when surrounded by many neighbors.

While you could always retreat to your apartment’s serenity, you’ll have a difficult time getting time alone in mutual facilities. Furthermore, facilities such as elevators can get crowded in the evening and morning during rush hour.


The complex itself has rush hours, for instance on the weekends when the pool is crowded. Therefore, it’s hard to constantly enjoy the available amenities.


Things can get noisy especially since numerous people are living under the same building, causing a great inconvenience.

Benefits of Smaller Buildings


You can keep a close watch on the property and identify any unusual activity immediately because you know the people who access the complex regularly.


With a small building, you are an individual who’s familiar with other residents and the management. Furthermore, you’re more likely to know every neighbor personally since few residents share the building.

Drawbacks of Smaller Buildings


It can be hard to reach the landlord or management at times since they don’t keep similar standard business hours as a professional company. This could delay matters such as repair requests.


Your guests may experience a difficult time trying to find parking unlike in a large building, which frequently has specified parking spots for visitors.

Final Thoughts

As you search for a rental, you might have to choose between a large building and a small one. Renting in a huge community can be a challenge for veterans and first-time renters. However, features such as amenities and property management might appeal to you.

On the other hand, if you prefer a homey atmosphere, a smaller building might suit you. Regardless of your preferences, ensure you choose wisely to avoid any regrets.

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