Business Hiring On The Rise In Dallas


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Are you in Dallas but are currently unemployment or in the process of changing jobs?

The good news is that Dallas has registered an increase in employment and various businesses have openings for qualified candidates.

Young employees should particularly be on the lookout for jobs in numerous industries in the subsequent years. Reports also reveal that technology jobs are on the rise with Dallas being a top player in the industry.

Other sectors looking to fill positions include health care and engineering. If you’re wondering where to begin your job hunt, check this out.


The Dallas-based company announced its plans to employ 500 people in the DFW area as it continues its service expansion. AT &T further revealed that several of its network technician, call center, and retail sales positions are part of its investment plan to enhance and expand its network.

The tech giant is offering both full and part time posts. The key employer in the Texan state is growing its wireline and wireless capabilities and hires consistently in developing business areas including video, cloud services, and sales.

Besides Dallas-Fort Worth, the company plans to employ over 300 people in Houston for similar positions. The opportune hiring spree comes at a time when the energy sector is experiencing layoffs in the state.


Gearbox-a Texas-based software company specializes in developing video games. Based in Plano-Texas, the company has gained recognition for the Borderlands franchise.

The company is in the process of developing Borderlands 3 and seeks new talent to help with the new game.

It has listed various job positions on its site including level designers, engine programmers, and accounting clerks. Locals particularly have an advantage as the positions are in the DFW area.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is an international franchise and restaurant chain based in the United States. It features varied restaurant formats ranging from dine-in to delivery options. Its global presence includes Canada, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.

At Pizza Hut, you can order pizza, wings, pasta and so much more. Furthermore, you can choose your preferred sauce, ingredients, and crusts. The company has various posts listed on its site including shift manager and team member.

Improving Enterprises Inc

Improving Enterprises is an IT firm offering consulting, project, and recruiting services.  While its headquarters is in Dallas, other offices are in Calgary, Houston, and Ohio.

The company has earned various awards and experienced considerable growth in the technology field for a decade. The company is dedicated to offering the highest level of expertise to its clients besides offering innovative solutions.

The IT firm has listed various Dallas-based posts on its site including Senior Java Developer. You’ll discover some posts are on-site while others are full-time.


The American tech company develops, repairs, and sells computers and related services and products. Based in Round Rock-Texas, Dell is among the largest tech corporations worldwide.

The company has attained recognition for its innovations in electronic commerce and supply chain management. You’ll discover the firm has listed jobs in various Texan cities including Dallas and Austin, so check them out.

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Image: AT &T