5 Great Places To Watch Football In Houston This Season

Christians Tailgate

Enjoy the best burger while watching your favorite team at Christians Tailgate

Although you could opt to stay at home and watch the big game, it isn’t much fun. Football simply isn’t the same without a crowd.

Fans anticipate the Super Bowl more than other games. The NFL is more than a game-it’s a cause for socialization and celebration with family, friends, and even strangers.

Watching a game at a sports bar or similar venue could enhance the experience given the right atmosphere. If you’re wondering where you’ll watch football this season in Houston, check this out.

Christian’s Tailgate Grill

Besides being an excellent place to watch your favorite game, Christian’s Tailgate offers fans another advantage. Several publications have recognized this establishment for making some of the best burgers in the country.

Its culinary proficiency makes it the ideal choice for those seeking a place to relax with a great meal while watching sports on the numerous televisions. If you don’t feel like having a burger, that’s okay. The bar offers other options to suit different tastes.

You can also choose a drink from the extensive menu. With 34 TVs, this is the ideal venue to relax and enjoy your game.

Houston Texans Grille

Situated in the city centre, Houston Texans Grille is an excellent place to grab some drink and food while viewing football and other sports. This establishment has gained reputation for its game burgers prepared from assorted meats for instance elk and antelope.

The grille further adds a distinctive twist to the sports viewing and dining experience. During game days, you’ll find this place packed and will probably overflow with exhilaration during Super Bowl Sunday.

It’s best you arrive early and prepare yourself for a great evening of fun, drinks, and food. If you’re seeking excellent service along with great food and entertainment, don’t miss out.

Big Woodrows Bar and Grill

For more than 20 years, this establishment has drawn sports fans, fun lovers, music enthusiasts, and those seeking the best Cajun food. Patrons know this place for hosting various events annually.

Big Woodrows is a huge gathering venue with a loyal clientele. With a huge, rentable loft that accommodates 150 people, it’s popular with organizations and other huge groups that seek adequate space for mingling.

The menu here is more diverse compared to other similar establishments, making it suitable to virtually any taste. A lot of action is bound to take place during Super Bowl, so come prepared to have endless fun.

Center Court

The spot has been around for about six or so years yet it’s brighter than most establishments with numerous TVs. What makes this place stand out is the family feel and the pizza.

Although Center Court doesn’t have the best pizza in town, the crust comes in different varieties. You could try it with grilled chicken and goat cheese.

Whether you’re seeking a cold drink, great pizza, or a venue to catch the big game, ensure you try this place out.

Homeplate Bar and Grill

This huge restaurant and sports bar is popular for watching the Houston Astros. However, fans can watch other sports.

Homeplate Bar and Grill provides specialty drinks, great sandwiches, and more. Its numerous televisions and sports-themed atmosphere make it the perfect place for the Super Bowl.

For more information on where to catch the big game in Houston this season, contact us at Apartment Agents or leave a comment if you have other ideas.

Image: Christian’s Tailgate Grill