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5 Great Places To Eat Outdoors In Dallas

Although food is the major reason we go to restaurants, it isn’t the only one. People enjoy service as well as a great ambience.

In Texas, this implies a good patio, which a number of restaurants have integrated in their floor plans, allowing you to meet up with friends for shared pates under patio umbrellas while enjoying great weather.

If you’re tired of dining indoors and are seeking great outdoor places, check out this list of spots in Dallas.

1. El Bolero

El Bolero has a stunning patio and its numerous umbrellas offer shade, making it a great brunching spot. The authentic Mexican concept draws the inspiration for its beverage and food menu from the diverse Mexico regions.

You’ll appreciate that the restaurant uses fresh premium ingredients to create dishes inspired by the locales of Mexico.

You’ll find tile and stone work at the space, with every installation lending texture and color. As soon as you sit, the standard chips and salsa will land on your table at the walk-in establishment.

In addition to being warm, the chips are dusted in dried chili and salt. It’s important to note that you don’t need to make any reservations, so make your way there.

2. Blue Goose Cantina

Hot and freshly made flour tortillas are the hallmark at this restaurant and hangout where you’ll enjoy well prepared and hearty food. You’ll find the patio and bar area at Blue Goose Cantina jammed especially on weekend nights and days.

Nevertheless, you’ll certainly enjoy sharing the large food portions with friends or colleagues. People mostly go the restaurant to eat chips and salsa, sit on the patio, drink margaritas, and enjoy the scene on Greenville Avenue.

Consider ordering fajitas, which can easily serve two if not three people. While there, make sure you try the brisket tacos, served with rice and beans.

3. Katy Trail Ice House

Katy Trail Ice House can overwhelm you due to its size. The establishment is just off the Katy Trail and features one of the largest, most colorful patios in town. The establishment also has long tables, making it an ideal spot for big groups.

The restaurant prepares all the food on the menu from scratch, with the exception of bread. Ensure you visit the Ice House on Saturdays or Sundays when they serve a great barbecue. Pet owners will also enjoy the fact that the establishment is dog friendly.

4. Parigi

For over 30 years, the restaurant has offered a diverse and eclectic menu in a refined and cosmopolitan space.

The well-trained staff, open kitchen, a huge group of regular customers gives the place the feel of a private club where everybody is welcome.

Parigi has a classic patio scene in town and offers a mix of seasonal Italian and French dishes. Since its opening, the establishment has maintained two dishes-the infamous chocolate gob and the roasted garlic.

Both dishes are must-haves during your visit. You’ll notice the food menu changes weekly with an emphasis on pastas, meats, salads, and fish made with seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs.

5. Pecan Lodge

Pecan Lodge offers the best barbecue in the city along with a stunning patio. Customers can also enjoy live music frequently at the establishment. Ensure you try the various smoked meats, desserts, and sides at this eatery.

If you’re tired of the typical restaurant scene, try any of these outdoor venues for delectable food in Dallas.

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