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Dinner Party

5 Tips For Throwing A Dinner Party In A Small Apartment

As an apartment dweller, you must deal with space constraints. However, this doesn’t mean that throwing a dinner party must be stressful.

With some creativity and DIY flair, you can enjoy a great night with friends.  If you’re keen on entertaining your family and friends but worry about the limited space, use these tips to host a great dinner party.

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3 Things To Know If You’re Moving To Dallas

Moving is an important decision, which involves various factors ranging from the job market to public transportation. Over the past decade, Dallas has witnessed tremendous growth for various reasons.

For instance, you’ll discover it’s one of the best cities for lucrative jobs, it has a strong presence in numerous industries, and has excellent weather in general. If you’re thinking of moving to the Big D, here are things you must know.

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Job Interview

Now Is A Good Time To Find A Job In Dallas

Boasting renowned sports teams, a booming employment market, and great barbecue, Dallas-Fort Worth is exhibiting explosive growth with no indication of slowing down.

Reports indicate that top-performing cities such as Dallas have growing trade, manufacturing, business, and transportation sectors. If you’ve just moved to this city and are jobless, this is a good time to find a job. Here’s why.

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Business Hiring On The Rise In Dallas


Check out the jobs at

Are you in Dallas but are currently unemployment or in the process of changing jobs?

The good news is that Dallas has registered an increase in employment and various businesses have openings for qualified candidates.

Young employees should particularly be on the lookout for jobs in numerous industries in the subsequent years. Reports also reveal that technology jobs are on the rise with Dallas being a top player in the industry.

Other sectors looking to fill positions include health care and engineering. If you’re wondering where to begin your job hunt, check this out.

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The IT Job Market In Dallas Is Expected To Grow In 2015

Tech Jobs

Know more about the IT job market in Dallas

Are you a tech professional seeking a job in Dallas? If so, you might be lucky.

Chief information officers (CIOs) in 24 major American cities were questioned regarding their IT hiring plans for the first half of the year. The survey revealed that Dallas was among the five cities expected to increase the most IT careers in Q1 and Q2.

The survey further revealed that the first half of this year would remain very competitive as IT departments increase their teams to tackle three tech employment drivers: mobile, security, and big data.

If you’re considering IT employment in this city, this guide will prove invaluable.

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A Guide to Public Transportation In Houston

Rental bikes in Houston

Tour Houston in a rental bike

Texas’ strongest and largest city, Houston offers various choices in public transportation. In the U.S., a growing number of people are boarding public subways, trains, and buses since the emergence of suburbs. Furthermore, people are making an essential shift to options besides a car in getting around. Although affordable, people typically compromise on convenience when using public transportation.

For some, the avoidance of hauling luggage or trying to navigate the scheduling system can be worth the extra money for a private or shared ride. Nevertheless, the city is making strides toward enhancing its public transportation though Houston is highly spread out, posing complications.  If you’re wondering how to get around Houston using public transportation, check this out.

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How To Find A Co-Working Space In Dallas

The Grove

Join The Grove community and enjoy a great working environment

The co-working industry in Dallas has grown immensely owing to changing demographics, the region’s economy, and growth in business startups. With more people working remotely as contractors or freelancers, shared office space has become a more affordable and appealing option.

Co-working members normally pay fees ranging from $20 per day -$1,000 per month rather than securing long-term leases. Charges include amenities for instance high-speed internet and a shared kitchen.

Of utmost importance, co-working spaces typically share a goal: to foster collaboration and build a community. Numerous co-working spaces in Dallas hold business workshops and other events for members.

Co-working in this region is an excellent way to meet other like-minded people who share similar needs. Co-working facilities enable you to join fellow entrepreneurs in a more productive work setting.

With varying facilities, Dallas has a facility that will certainly meet your needs. Check out these co-working facilities in Dallas.

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5 Co-Working Offices In Dallas

Common Desk Co-Working Space

Get a dedicated desk at Common Desk. (Image: Common Desk Facebook)

It seems like more people than ever before are doing freelance work. One study alone found that one third of people will be freelance workers by 2020.

Many people still work for a single employer, of course. It’s been that way for years, but there has been a shift in the way people work.

Today, more people are able to work from anywhere as long as they have a computer or similar device along with a connection to the web.  Continue reading