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News, events, and trends for the apartment rental market in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston.

Dallas apartment

Dallas Urban Apartments-What You Need To Know Before Buying

Dallas is renowned for combining an easygoing lifestyle with abundant career opportunities. It’s no wonder an influx of people relocates to the city. The ideal real estate investments are those situated in areas that enjoy a stable economy.

Dallas’ real estate market ranks among the top for various reasons. To begin with, the market is one of the top performing nationwide. In fact, the city continues to draw people to relocate and invest due to the affordability of the market and overall living.

Investing in a Dallas property can be a prudent choice, but if you’re just starting out, it’s important to know what to look for before investing. Consider these factors if you’re purchasing a Dallas apartment.

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Is Renting Replacing Home Ownership?

While homeownership rate in the U.S. has risen slightly since attaining a 50-year low in 2016, it’s at a generational low at 63.7%. Consequently, more people are opting to rent instead of buying their homes recently compared to the past.

Whether you choose to rent or purchase your residential place is a huge decision. It doesn’t merely influence the amount of money you have left end month. You’ll discover it affects the savings you accumulate over time and your lifestyle as well.

People purchase homes when they’d be better off financially if they rent. Similarly, people opt to rent because of the minimal responsibility and flexibility this option offers even though they’re likely to amass a bigger net worth over time if they purchased a home.

Of the two choices, the bias frequently leans toward ownership. After all, it’s a huge business for everybody from real estate agents to mortgage lenders and home improvement stores.

Nevertheless, homeownership isn’t generally better than renting, nor is renting simpler than ownership. Here’s a list of reasons why more Americans are opting for rental communities instead of ownership.

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apartment boom

Is There An Apartment Rental Millennial Boom?

The definition of the millennial generation is persons born between the early 80s and late 90s. By any definition, they’ve attained the age where they’re firmly established or entering their careers and are in a position to purchase a home.

Consequently, their needs and wants are currently a major force behind the trends in real estate. With a need for convenience, passion for flexibility, and love of community-based activities and amenities, more millennials are opting for rentals instead of homeownership. Here’s a look at why this generation is driving the rental market.

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open house

How To Style For An Open House

The success of an open home can depend on various things. While some factors are beyond your control, such as market conditions, others are within your control including adequate advertising and proper styling.

Bear in mind that the internet is usually the first stop for most clients seeking to purchase a house. Research also reveals that most buyers decide whether they want to purchase a home before setting foot in the home.

Therefore, beautiful images are vital if you want to obtain top dollar for your property. For this reason, it’s important you implement proper styling using these tips.

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spare room

What Return Can You Expect On Renting Out Your Spare Room

Renting out a spare room is at times favorable to leasing your entire property. You’ll discover it provides more flexibility and renting several rooms can frequently be more lucrative than renting the entire home under one lease.

If you find yourself with an extra room that you don’t use, renting it out might offer the solution to some extra money.

Nevertheless, it’s important you check your local and state county laws to ensure compliance with license, housing, and fee requirements. Here’s what you can expect from renting out a spare room.

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rental company

Don’t Be Scammed-Qualities Of A Great Rental Company

For rental property owners and landlords, selecting a rental┬ácompany isn’t that hard considering the various options that exist.

However, choosing a great one can be challenging. Bear in mind that property management can break or make you when investing in rentals.

After all, they play a vital role in ensuring your property performs and their results affect your profits┬ádirectly. Here’s a list of qualities you should look for in a rental company.

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renting vs buying

Renting Versus Buying-Which Is More Economically Viable?

The choice between renting and buying a home is among the biggest economic decisions that many people make. However, the costs of purchasing are more complicated and varied than for renting, making it difficult to determine the better deal.

If you’re a renter interested in purchasing a home or a homeowner wondering whether renting is sensible, perhaps it’s time you evaluated the benefits, relative costs, and drawbacks of renting versus owning your home.

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The Latest Trends In Townhouses

A townhouse is a home within a neighborhood development and it’s joined to adjacent houses by a mutual wall. As an owner, you become a member of the homeowner’s association upon purchasing the unit.

Furthermore, you’ll pay monthly fees to the homeowner’s association for the repair, maintenance, and upkeep of shared areas.

A townhouse is the perfect solution if you’re seeking convenience and ease of maintenance. If you’re wondering why they’ve gained popularity, here’s why.

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7 Things You Need To Know Before Calling A Rental Agent

Owning a rental can be a great investment and a good source of steady revenue. Furthermore, rentals can provide the opportunity to increase your portfolio via real estate holdings.

A rental agent conducts duties associated with managing rental properties and locating successful tenants who will fill vacancies. They may also offer services to current tenants or provide assistance with lease renewal.

You’ll discover you need an agent to handle the care and maintenance especially if you own several rentals. Nevertheless, here’s a list of things that will help you establish whether you should hire a professional.

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solar roofing

Tesla’s Solar Roof-Has The Energy Future Been Found?

Although you’ll find solar panels atop select homes and businesses, they aren’t widespread. In spite of the benefits of solar roofing brings to utility bills and the environment, installation is extremely cost prohibitive for many building owners and families.

However, Elon Musk-a business magnate and famous inventor, has a vision that could change all this. On October 28, the inventor unveiled its new roofing, which combines solar cells with shingles.

The innovation doesn’t merely make solar roofs more affordable, you can actually install it at a lower price than conventional roofing. Here’s what you need to know about Tesla’s innovation.

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