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Tips for living a great life in an apartment in Dallas, Fort-Worth and Houston.

small apartment decorating

Simple Decorating Tips To Make Small Apartments Seem Larger

While you might lament limited space in a small apartment, you’ll find there are benefits to small apartment living. For instance, these spaces are easier to organize, clean, and decorate. Thankfully, certain decorating tips can help make your space seem bigger.

You can decide to examine your restricted living space as a design challenge. The key to living in a small apartment is combining multifunctional and space-saving solutions while expressing your style. These tips will help you capitalize on small space living.

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wall stickers

Decorating Walls With Vinyl Stickers-Jazz Up Your Rental Walls

When it comes to decorating rental walls, you can use various techniques such as vinyl stickers. You can place the decorative adhesives onto a wall directly and you’ll discover this trend helps brighten up our living space.

The advantage of producing wall artworks with stickers is that you don’t have to use them precisely as they were intended. You could personalize wall decoration by layering and cutting wall stickers. If you’re looking to transform the plain walls in your rental, consider these tips.

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adhesive hooks

The Low Down On Self Adhesive Hooks-What Works Best

Permanent hooks are outdated. Therefore, if you’re a renter or simply cautious with your home, then self-adhesive hooks are the way to go. You can secure the products to your walls without using nails or screws.

Moreover, you can remove them using the sticky strip. You’ll discover the hooks offer an easy means of hanging photos, prints, and other household items.

Nevertheless, they might not be as sticky as you would like and at times, moisture could affect the stickiness, sending your object to the floor. This guide offers the common mistakes associated with the use of these products while highlighting the best hooks.

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clothing storage solution

4 Tips For Improving Rental Storage Space

Regardless of where your rental unit is, there’s never sufficient storage space. After all, renting comes with the task of determining storage solutions for all your items.

Beware that storing your items ineffectively could result in unsightly clutter. Nevertheless, these tips will help you maximize the space in your small apartment or rental.

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rental neighborhood

Houston’s Best Rental Neighborhoods-Boho Districts

With a population of about 2.1 million, Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S. and the biggest in Texas. The city’s population comprises various religious and ethnic backgrounds as well as a huge and increasing international community.

It’s home to numerous exhibits and cultural institutions, which draw over 7 million visitors yearly to the Museum District. Houston’s neighborhoods elicit a family-friendly vibe and urban charm. This combined with affordable housing is what attracts many to the Bayou City. If you’re looking to rent, here’s a list of the best neighborhoods.

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peace lily-indoor plant

Must Have-The Most Amazing Indoor Oxygen Giving Plants

With the increasing pollution levels, the air around continues to deteriorate daily, increasing the likelihood of diseases such as sinus, bronchitis, and several other breathing issues. While relevant bodies and authorities are doing their best to offer solutions, you must take measures to decrease the levels of pollution.

While you can’t avoid the pollution, you could maintain clean air indoors by investing in indoor plants. Selecting the appropriate plants will help replenish the oxygen you inhale. Here’s a list of the must-have indoor plants if you wish to enhance the air quality in your apartment.

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rental decoration

How You Can Decorate Your Rental Without Breaking The Rules

Decorating a rental comes with its set of challenges because you probably won’t have permission to make drastic alterations such as hacking walls and you might wonder whether it’s worth the effort, time, and money yet the home doesn’t belong to you.

However, you’d rather stay in a comfortable and inviting home since you’ll be there for some time. While it can be tough, it’s possible to make your rental feel like home without breaking the rules. These pocket-friendly tips will help you spruce up your rental.

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Moving With Your Cat-The Best Balcony Cat Enclosures

It’s easy to assume your cat is safe on the balcony. After all, they constantly land on their feet. However, this isn’t entirely true.¬† They can sustain injuries or even die from falling. This is called high rise syndrome and could potentially have serious outcomes for your cat.

If you reside in a property that’s more than two stories high, perhaps you should think about cat-proofing the balcony. ¬†This doesn’t imply that the balcony is off-limits. You simply need to take a couple of precautions and practice due diligence. Here’s how to protect your cat from possible falls and injuries.

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vegetable garden

The Best Apartment Vegetable Gardens Ever

Contrary to what most people believe, having a garden doesn’t necessarily require a huge space. You can actually grow plants virtually anywhere, including an apartment. Instead of merely focusing on flowers, you could try planting fruits, herbs, or vegetables.

Although starting an apartment garden can initially be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. You just need to start small and consider important factors such as water access and sunlight. If you’re considering a vegetable garden in your rental, here’s a list of the best.

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moving guide

The Ultimate Moving Guide For Urban Living

Shifting to a new city can be somewhat shocking, particularly if you’re accustomed to rural living or grew up in a small town. You’ll discover it needs considerable adjustments besides sheer size. You’ll need to adjust to a higher living cost, integrate with various cultures, and learn to cope with numerous unfamiliar surroundings.

While a move can be exciting, it can be overwhelming to shift from a slower living pace to one that’s somewhat tumultuous and even nerve-racking. Fortunately, this guide will help you adjust to urban life.

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