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5 Amenities to Consider When Moving

Apartment hunting implies scouring online in search of suitable units that match your needs. Of course, basics such as a kitchen and bathroom are important. However, you shouldn’t restrict your search to the bare necessities.

From doorman service to resort-style service, a range of apartment amenities can make your renting experience enjoyable. During your apartment search, the available options could easily overwhelm you, particularly when it comes to choosing the necessary amenities, so you must be prudent.

Remember, every rental features its set of must-have amenities that offers the best value for the rent cost. Here’s a look at the amenities you want to consider when moving into an apartment.

1. In-Unit Appliances

You’ll need to consider essential appliances such as a stove and oven. Without them, it won’t be possible to do much cooking in your rental. Even if you’re the kind that prefers a take-out lifestyle, you’ll desire a home-cooked meal at some point.

Amenities such as dishwashers are convenient, though you can do without them if you like washing dishes upon use. Appliances such as in-unit laundry machines have tenants split. While some can’t do without them, others can rent units without them.

When apartment hunting, you might want to conduct research in the surrounding area. You’ll need to determine whether a Laundromat exists around or within the apartment complex. If so, you’ll do without in-unit laundry facilities.

2. Security

Safety is one of the most significant factors of a rental complex. While, it’s important to own renters insurance, you shouldn’t have to worry about apartment break-ins or burglary. Apartments with security in place typically have aspects such as video surveillance, smart locks, and gated access.

To obtain a precise crime rate report from your prospective neighborhood, the city hall can provide information. You can obtain specific details regarding crimes that might have occurred in the past.

Besides that, it’s advisable to have a fast drive around the neighborhood. If you know anybody who’s familiar with the neighborhood, they can inform you about the rate of insecurity in the place.

3. Transportation

If you lack a vehicle, public transportation access is vital. Since you’ll depend largely on public transit, you must ensure your potential neighborhood provides various modes of transportation, for instance, buses, trains, and taxis. In case you intend to use a bike, you should establish whether the area has bike lanes.

Besides good public transport access, you must consider the commute time. The last thing you want is to spend one hour or more in traffic only to be late for work or school. Therefore, you’ll want to do a test drive to establish the duration it will take to arrive at your workplace.

4. Outdoor Space

If outdoor space is important, consider whether the apartment complex comes with outdoor space. It could be a rooftop deck, balcony, patio, or garden.

Some apartment units comprise huge outdoor spaces for renters while others lack this feature. In case you find a unit that has outdoor space, ensure it’s maintained.

5. Parking

The idea of street parking can leave any renter frustrated to say the least. After all, you can spend considerable time trying to find a parking spot. Furthermore, it means leaving your vehicle exposed to damage or theft. If possible, find a unit with onsite parking in a covered garage, preferably.

Final Thoughts

Apartment living means amenities are crucial because you’ll probably spend most of your time in the unit. Furthermore, amenities make life convenient. Nonetheless, it depends on your needs and lifestyle. When looking for a suitable unit, just make sure you consider your lifestyle and needs to find the perfect unit.

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